Quality and Advantages of Using Locinox Gate Closers and Hardware

Quality and Advantages of Using Locinox Gate Closers and Hardware
  • Are you sure that your gate is secure? Do you usually forget or ignore to close your gate, and it remains open until somebody comes to shut it? Would you like to have a secure gate that closes itself whenever you forget to close it? If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to ensure that your residential or commercial gate stays securely closed, you can benefit from a gate closer.

We know that it is important that your external door or gate is not left open, potentially because of security and safety issues. Note that the installation of an effective gate closer, such as Locinox Gate Closers, would guarantee this and give you peace of mind.

What is a Gate Closer?

You may have heard the term gate closer. It is a simple to install and self-closing mechanism that will close a gate or any external door at a constant, safe, and controlled speed. Note that after installation, you can comfortably open the gate by hand, and when released, it will close at a safe speed. So, if you need a closing system that is quick and easy to fit and also closes at a stable and safe speed, you will not go wrong with Locinox Gate Closers.  

The amazing thing about Locinox Gate Closers is that you can fit them effortlessly to either new or already fixed gates, and you will not have to change the gate hinges or mount an expensive closing device.

Also, Locinox Gate Closers and hardware offer you a high level of safety as well as security for a wide array of commercial and domestic properties. You can also adjust the closing forces and closing speeds of the gate when fitting these gate closers, which is convenient. You can use Locinox Gate Closers for all kinds of external gates, such as pedestrian gates, garden gates, playground, nursery, and school entrances, heavy-duty industrial gates, and all types of residential garden gates.

Advantages of Locinox Gate Closers

There are several advantages and benefits of installing and using a Locinox gate closer. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • You will know your door will shut behind you securely once you enter
  • If you’ve young children or pets, it is convenient to know the door will automatically shut
  • All products are chain link adaptable and include closer brackets
  • Locinox Gate Closers are simple and quick to install. They do not require much effort. Note that the process of installation is quite easy. Whether you are installing a hydraulic gate closer or some other type, it’s only a matter of a few minutes before it is up and running.
  • Locinox Gate Closers are also a cost-effective and efficient solution, and you will find gate systems that can suit all budgets.
  • Locinox Gate Closers can guarantee the security and safety of any home and its occupants.
  • Once installed by an expert, Locinox Gate Closers are safe for your whole family to use.
  • Weather proof -22° to 153°F; all competitors are only weather resistant
  • 3 year warranty which is 2 years longer than legally required:

Locinox Gate Closer – Styles and Types

Locinox has a reliable and affordable solution for almost any type of gate. For example, Locinox offers a range of hydraulic gate closers that can suit a wide range of gates, and each gate closers offers different and unique features that you will find useful. You can also choose from an extensive variety of gate closers, locks, hinges, and other accessories to keep your property safe.

One of the key benefits of Locinox Gate Closers and hardware is that they are extremely dependable, safe, and reliable. This is because of the design and rigorous testing of all products, which ensure that your gate remains secure and functional throughout the year. Also, it is worth noting that Locinox Gate Closers come with quick-fix and convenient templates for easy and quick installation.

Here are some of the amazing Locinox Gate Closer Styles you will find at the Hinge Outlet. These closers are well-known for sturdy durability and can easily withstand the challenging elements.

Tiger – A Compact Gate Hinge Closer

This is a hydraulic based self-closing mechanism. Note that the durable double bearing hinge has a suitable opening angle of about 180° that can easily close your gate. You can adjust the gate closing speed after installation.

Locinox Mammoth Hinge/Closer

Note that this elegantly designed and constructed self-closing hinge/closer will open smoothly and shut your gate gracefully. You can also adjust the force, closing speed as well as final snap independently based on your needs.

Locinox Mammoth Gate Closer

Locinox Samson - 2

This is another sturdy hydraulic gate closer for large gates. It is developed with top-quality components and parts for an exceptionally long lifespan. And the best part is that temperature changes don’t impact the constant and smooth functionality of this product. The company also provides a set of mounting brackets with this closer, making Samson - 2 ideal for any gate.

Why Choose Locinox?

Did you know that for more than 30 years, Locinox has been defining the standards of high-quality gate hardware? Locinox locks, gate closers, and hinges are among the best in their class and are used throughout the world for securing gates and fences of all types. The company also provides a warranty of three years.

Each Locinox product line, such as gate closers, is one of industrial-strength, durability, and quality. Locinox Research and Development (R&D) team tests all products extensively in the most extreme circumstances. And every product, such as hinges, is tested a minimum of 150,000 movements before the company brings it to the market. This is why using a Locinox hinge, lock, or gate closer on your gate or fence will help extend the fence or gate’s lifespan!

The Hinge Outlet supplies a wide range of Locinox gate closer and other hardware to ensure that your gates close safely and quietly. We also offer bulk discounts on these products. So, if you need the best gate closers, hinges, and other hardware for your project, please get in touch with us.

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