The following are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

1.  What is included in a pair of hinges?

A pair of hinges includes 2 complete hinges of your choice as illustrated below:

 Pair of Hinges Pair of Hinges
If you need 3 hinges per door and have 6 doors (total of 18 hinges), you would need to order 9 pair.  It also includes all mounting screws in the same finish as the hinge you order.
2.  How do you measure a hinge?

How do I measure a hinge?

 3.  What is our return policy?

Any item may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.  A 20 % re-stocking charge will apply to all returns.  Items must be returned in their original shipped condition and include all related parts and instructions.  DAMAGED or SCRATCHED  ITEMS WILL NOT BE CREDITED, NOR RETURNED TO SENDER.  A Return Authorization Number (RAN) must appear on the outside of the package, or it will be REFUSED. To expedite your credit request contact us for your RAN (Return Authorization Number).
Return shipping to be paid by customer. 

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