How To Fix a Commercial Door Hinge

How To Fix a Commercial Door Hinge

How to Fix a Commercial Door Hinge that is Bent

The last thing you want or need is to open a door and hear a squeak, or even worse, experience difficulty getting the door to open or closed. While it’s essential to choose the right door hinge for your interior and exterior doors, it’s also important to assess whether or not your existing door hinges are operating correctly. If it turns out you need to fix a door hinge, we’ve got the information you need to do just that.

Tweak the Problem

Many times, door hinges fails to operate properly, which leads to an alignment shift or even sagging or sticking. If you are seeking to eliminate scratched paint on doors, as well as rubbing, jamming or sticking caused by door hinges, Hinge Outlet has the ultimate solution.

Hinge Tweaker™ tools work to re-bend the hinge, correct the door’s alignment and what is also deemed closing the gap or closing the swedging of a door hinge. Using these innovative tools, you can re-bend door hinges so that the door re-aligns as it should. Luckily, you have several options for fixing a door hinge with this tool set that includes three different variations.

  • Standard Weight Hinge Tweaker ™: This tool for fixing a door hinge fits standard weight 0.134 commercial hinges and includes an ergonomic grip for ease of use. The high-quality hinge tweaker offers complete durability and a welded, one-piece steel construction so you can gain maximum leverage to fix a door hinge.

  • Heavy Weight Hinge Tweaker™: For larger jobs, fix a door hinge with this heavy weight hinge tweaker that offers more torque and is designed for 0.180 gauge door hinges. Featuring a larger hinge barrel and 19.5 inches of length, this hinge tweaker is perfect for heavier commercial doors and door hinges.

  • Dual Weight Hinge Tweaker™: Get more bang for your buck with a dual weight hinge tweaker that solves all of your realignment needs when attempting to fix a door hinge. This hinge tweaker is designed to fit 0.180 and 0.134 gauge door hinges, ideal for commercial doors.


When armed with the right tools, you can easily fix a door hinge. Save time and money with a Hinge Tweaker™ from Hinge Outlet that offers you a one-step process to fix door hinges. Follow this step-by-step process to easily make the repairs you need to your residential or commercial doors.

  1. Know that you do not need to remove a door to fix a door hinge. Start by leaving the door swinging and hanging and then close the door.
  2. Simply slide the Hinge Tweaker right over the knuckles of the door hinge while the door is closed.
  3. Next, slightly bend the hinge by pushing the Hinge Tweaker outward (away from the door knob).
  4. To conclude the process of fixing a door hinge, you just need to remove the Hinge Tweaker and ensure the door hinge is fixed by opening and closing the door.

Note: If the door is still off alignment, repeat the process and bend as necessary to fix the door hinge.  Another option to fix your door alignment is to use Hinge Shims.  Sometime, you need that little extra even if you rebend your hinge with this tool.

Door hinges are the core component of ensuring your doors open and close correctly. Easily make adjustments using the innovative products from Hinge Outlet. Not only can we provide you with comprehensive guides to enhance your cabinet hinges and door hinges, we can also supply you with door hinge lubricants and a Hinge Tweaker that make maintenance a breeze.



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