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7 Specialty Hinges and Their Uses

Most swinging doors rely on hinges to function properly. This makes hinges vital for any residence or commercial space. You may be familiar with some common hinge types such as butt hinges or ball-bearing hinges. However, there are also a wide variety of speciality hinges created for specific functions. This guide will examine 7 different specialty hinges and where they are used.

1. Marine Hinges

 Marine hinges.


Marine hinges are specialty hinges made of the highest quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel on the market and are found on boats and other seafaring vessels. Such hinges connect two adjacent parts together and allow them to rotate. Marine hinges may resemble many other hinge types in appearance. However, they are distinct because they are built to withstand the moist and harsh weather conditions that would normally damage ordinary hinges.

Marine hinges may be used for storage hatches, galley cupboards, doors, and bait wells. Such hinges can be expected to last for many years and offer great functionality even in the toughest conditions.

2. Lid Support Hinges

Lid support hinges


Lid support hinges are specialty hinges used to support lids. Such hinges look very different from normal hinges as they often utilize complex designs to support the lids they are affixed to. For example, many of the lid support hinges we offer are spring-loaded. The springs on these devices exert outward force on the lid in its open position, thereby supporting its weight.

Lid support hinges are great for tool boxes, chests, or cabinets with doors that swing outwards and upwards.

3. Wide Throw Hinges

Wide throw hinges.


Wide throw hinges are specialty hinge types that allow the door they are affixed onto to swing a full 180 degrees.  As their name implies, these hinges are wider than standard hinges. In fact, they are usually wider than they are tall. Such hinges are used because standard hinges are not sufficient enough to let doors swing by this much.

Wide throw hinges feature an offset pivot point that enables the door to swing while clearing the opening. Our wide throw hinges are made from heavy duty steel and come in a variety of different finishes.

Parliament hinges are a special subtype of wide throw hinges. They resemble other wide throw hinges, but feature cut outs near their top and bottom. This cut-out portion lets the door bypass wide skirting boards and deep reveals. Parliament hinges are often used in french doors for this reason.

4. Continuous Piano Hinges

Continuous piano hinges are used in a variety of ways.


Continuous piano hingesare a specialty hinge type designed to support the lids on piano benches. These hinges tend to be long and narrow. In fact, they could be considered the longest type of hinge out there.

As their name implies, they feature a continuous shape because they run along the length of the lid they are affixed to. In addition to being for piano lids, continuous hinges can be used in a variety of other places. They are often used in barn doors because they can support the weight of these massive doors without sagging. Piano hinges may also be used in other applications featuring heavy doors, such as prison doors.

5. Torque Hinges

Torque hinges have numerous applications.


Torque hinges are specialty hinges that use fiction to resist motion. This may seem counterintuitive as the job of most hinges is to allow parts to rotate and swing freely. However, this torque design can be useful in many situations.

For example, torque hinges may be used on electrical panel lids that swing upwards. Technicians that work on these panels won’t need to worry about keeping the lid held open while working, as the hinge will hold the lid in place. The toque from the hinge allows the lid to be adjusted freely  without having to tighten or unscrew any components.

6. Continuous Geared Hinges

Continuous geared hinges are different from ordinary piano hinges.


Continuous geared hinges may seem similar to continuous piano hinges at first. However, this specialty hinge type features one major inclusion: gear teeth. This design features gear teeth that connect together underneath a cap that runs along the hinge length.

Like other continuous hinge types, continuous geared hinges use numerous fasteners to improve the weight they can support. These hinges are great for high-traffic applications where they are connected to doors that are swung frequently and with force. This makes them useful in prisons or schools.

7. Lift Off Hinges

A lift off hinge is useful for doors that must be removed often.


Lift off hinges are a unique hinge type where the two hinge leafs detach from one another. As their name implies, these hinges can be “lifted” off and separated. Lift off hinges are useful in situations where you need to remove a door temporarily. This could be to repaint the door or fit large objects through the doorway.

Lift off hinges are commonly used in the shipping industry to facilitate moving large objects through doorways

Where to Purchase High Quality Hinges

If you are interested in purchasing reliable high quality specialty hinges, please visit Hinge Outlet. We offer a wide variety of specialty hinges for various applications.

All our products are made from high quality materials and are built to last for many years. Please get in touch with us if you require assistance with choosing a specialty hinge for an upcoming project.