Garage Door Hinge Types and Repair

Garage Door Hinge Types and Repair

Garage door hinges are the hinges that connect the sections of your garage door together, allowing the sections to navigate along the rounded portions of garage door track. Standard garage door hinges are manufactured utilizing galvanized steel, and are produced in a variety of styles, shapes, and gauges to accommodate the overall dimensions of the door as well as the inclusion and placement of windows in the door. Here’s how to determine what type of garage door hinge you need:

Residential or Commercial

Garage door hinges come in two popular gauge sizes and widths. If you’re replacing garage door hinges on your residential garage door, you’ll want to use 14-gauge garage door hinges or thicker. For a commercial garage door, you’ll want a thicker garage door hinge gauge of 11 or lower.

Numbered Stamps

Garage door hinges are designed for a specific part of your garage door, and most display a stamped number that identifies the area of the door for which it’s designed. Additionally, while some garage door hinges simply connect sections of the door, others are responsible for connecting the door as well as supporting the garage door rollers. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to replace your rollers when it’s time to replace your garage door hinges.

Garage door hinge numbers for residential applications range from one through five. Because commercial garage doors are usually larger than residential doors, the thicker commercial garage door hinges are placed higher on the door and are numbered six through ten.

Most of the time all, of the hinges in the center of the door are #1 hinges.  The hinges on the edge of the garage door that hold the rollers are numbered.  The hinges between the bottom panel and the second panel are #1 hinges.  The hinges between the second and third panel are #2 hinges.  The hinges between the third panel and fourth panel are #3 hinges and so on…

Special Features

The final considerations when determining your garage door hinge needs are related to hinge style, finish, and special features, such as anti-pinch hinge design. If you’re replacing just a few garage door hinges, you’ll want to match your existing hinges as closely as possible, reviewing the stamp, shape, finish, and any manufacturer markings.

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