How to Fix Common Door Hinge Issues

How to Fix Common Door Hinge Issues

Have you been noticing extra squeaky sounds every time someone opens or closes a door in your house? Perhaps the hinges are struggling with an issue, and you may not have realized it yet.

Hinges are responsible for the major portion of the work compared to the other kinds of hardware typically present in homes. Hinges not bear the entire weight of the doors and make them capable of swinging open and shut.

High traffic rooms will eventually take a toll on the doors, and the hinges may wear off over time. Here is a guide to the best solutions for the issues you have been facing to help you address the hinge issues you have been facing.


Do you have an extreme impulse to gnash your teeth every time a squeaky door opens or closes? It can certainly be maddening, we know. Perhaps it is time to lubricate those noisy hinges and eliminate the irritating sound they cause.

You can use our Dielectric Grease to lubricate your hinges and prevent any dirt or rust from building upon them. You could even use the Ultimate Fastener Lubricant containing beeswax. Our multipurpose lubricant products undergo extensive testing so you will be able to get rid of squeaky, maddening noises within no time at all.


You can bring each hinge pin loose by tapping gently with a mallet or hammer on them. Once the pin comes loose, lift it out, coat it with the lubricant and put it back in.


With time and frequent use, there are high chances your door hinges may begin to loosen, hang crookedly or sag. Sometimes the problem may be simple enough to fix with a little retightening of the screws. Other times, you may require a little more effort.

If your problem leans more towards stripped screw holes, you will have to replace them with longer hinge screws. Fortunately, we have just the perfect long hinge screws for you. You can strengthen the mounting after penetrating the wall stud and using our hinge screws in the place. This will also help your align doors should the need arise.

Our longer hinge screws have a special design that keeps your hinges and, consequentially, all your doors right in place and with proper alignment. These screws are so long they pose no difficulty in going all the way inside the door jam and ensure the door remains firmly in place.


Your door is bound to lean if the jamb is equally leveled. You could address this issue in two ways: take down the door entirely and then reset it all over again or use hinge shims, which is an easier option.

Our hinge shims are an inexpensive, easy and quick way of realigning your misaligned doors. Often you will see people installing a piece of cardboard behind the hinge when they are putting up a door. They do this to correct a misaligned jamb.

With time this only becomes a problem because the cardboard and cardstock compress causes the doors to sag, migrate or bind in the jamb. With our hinge shims, you can save yourself the trouble and cost of door plane or expensive refinishing work.

Our Hinge shims have a design that can cure even the most severe gaps by folding into a “z” pattern and producing a triple-thick shim. The hinge shim's slight wedge shape allows additional control when you’re installing or door or merely correcting a gap. They are ideal for steel doors and jambs too.


If your residential property is an older one, there are high chances that most of the doors in your house have stayed latched in for a long time. It is also highly possible that age and a deteriorating condition may cause the door hinges and pins to pose some difficulty in coming off easily.

You may have to make use of the tools in your garage to pry the hinges and pins loose. You can use the head of a screwdriver if you have a nickel-plated or brass hinge at home. Wedge the head under the hinge pin’s head and softly tap with a hammer on the handle of the screwdriver. This will help you push the pin upwards and pry it free from the hinge.

If you find the hinge pin stuck in place due to corrosion, you can try tapping it from under with the help of an 8D nail approximately 2.5 inches long or one of a similar size. You can force the pin free by positioning the nail at the bottom of it and gently tapping the nail head with a hammer.

You could also use our Hinge Tweaker tools for this issue. They provide an easy and stepwise guided process for eliminating jamming, rubbing, sticking or scratched doors. We have engineered these tools to heal you tackle problems such as misalignment of doors: sticking or sagging.

The hinge tweaker re-bends the hinge to tweak it and thereby correcting the misalignment. The hardware and door industry refers to this re-bending technique as “closing the gap” or “closing the swedging of a hinge.” Your door will realign after you re-bend the hinge.

Hinge Tweaker to fix a hinge


Removing hinge pins when realigning or removing doors can be quite a challenge, as well as a cumbersome task. To make this process easier and quicker for you, our product, the Hinge Pin Popper Door Hinge Remover, is the perfect solution.

This product has a nickel-plated and hardened steel pin that helps remove the hinge pins easily. The plastic high impact shell will protect your door and trim against any damage while the pin removal is in process. We recommend this tool for a number of hinge pin removing processes for you.


You can rid goodbye to all your door problems with our products. From squeaky hinges to sagging doors and prying hinge pins loose, we have a range of products to solve any and every of your door problems. After using our products, your doors will happily and smoothly swing open and shut.

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