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Gate Closers - How to Select the Right One

Gate closers have a lot of functional purposes. With modern interior designs though, they have become visually relevant as well. It's crucial to pick the correct door closer for your project, but the task doesn't have to be a time-consuming one. In the gate closer market, there are many choices, and you must properly select the best product that fits the entrance, opens and closes the door appropriately, and complies with local as well as federal construction standards.

Gate closers are basically hardware items that are attached to the head of a door and its frame. When the door opens, this device works by closing and latching on its own. Although it appears to be a simple device, it is actually one of the most complex forms of hardware to deal with. If you select a door closer that is too strong for your door, it will swing and shut too abruptly. If you choose a gate closer that isn't sturdy enough, the door may not close or lock properly.

In this article, we will talk about some common gate closers, their applications, and the factors to look for when picking an effective device for your door.

Types of Gate Closers

Gate closers come in a variety of shapes and forms. Surface mounted, overhead concealed, and floor mounted concealed are the most common types of door closers on the market today.

Surface-mounted Gate Closers

Surface mounted door closers are the most popular since they offer a variety of functions and features in terms of appearance. Slide-track arm, standard arm surface mounted, parallel arm surface mounted, and top jamb mounted are the four options available in this category.

Surface mounted closers are the ideal solution for low- to medium-traffic entries and are often utilized for aluminum storefront doors. They're also very cost-effective and simple to install, requiring very little drilling or cutting.

Overhead Concealed Gate Closers

Overhead concealed gate closers work well in places with moderate to heavy footfall. Their installation is in a fashion where they are hidden even when attaching the top of the door to the frame. With narrow, medium, or broad frame doors, overhead concealed closers can be installed in either a center-hung or offset arm position.

Floor-mounted Gate Closers

When dealing with large doors or places with high to extreme activity, floor mounted door closers are the most sturdy and long-lasting solution. These robust closers are simple to set and work best with tall, broad, or heavy storefront doors, particularly those with insulating or dense glass.

When utilizing all-glass rail or patch-fitted doors, both floor mounted and overhead concealed door closers are always the ideal option, as they provide superior appearance with minimum visible hardware. Additionally, there are no viable mounting choices for surface-mounted closers in these all-glass situations.

Double Action Gate Closers 

Double Action Spring Hinges or gate closers, as the name indicates, serve a dual purpose. They allow the door to swing both ways returning back to its central position eventually. Normal hinges or door closes don’t have to allow this movement flexibility which gives rise for use of double action gate closers. These devices are available in a variety of texture and finishes combining visual appeal with functionality at the same time.

Gate Closer Hinges for a Variety of Gates 

Hinges are an essential part of the door opening and closing mechanism. While the gate closer controls the speed and force with which a door operates, the hinges describe the fluidity of motion altogether. Gate closer hinges are available in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. There are double action, adjustable, round post and Tru close gate spring hinges which serve various purposes in commercial or residential buildings.  

Commercial spring hinges also work well in most spaces that witness heavy movement from people through the doors. Doors in commercial spaces are heavier, and made from a variety of high-grade materials. This means that they require robust hinges that can take the stress of continuous activity. Being sustainable and rust-free are two crucial factors for commercial door hinges and when picking this hardware, it is important to consider these elements.  

The Importance of Gate Materials When Selecting Hinges

Doors are made from a lot of materials. The thickness and dimensions of a door can vary depending on its application. Wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, battened and ledged as well as flush doors are just a few examples of the materials used in the manufacture of doors. All these types are commonly found in commercial and residential spaces. The correspond with both use and aesthetic themes of the places where they are.

Each door type, according to its thickness and size, requires different classes as well as categories of hinges. Commercial doors require sturdier hinges because they witness a lot of traffic. Ball bearing hinges, strap or T-hinges, and loose joint hinges are frequently put in place. For other lightweight uses, hinges like concealed, mortise, and spring hinge joints are ideal.

Things to Consider

It is important to consider several factors when picking the right hinges for your door. These can include but are not limited to the material, finish, and design of the hinge. Door width and thickness are also vital elements in decision making when choosing door hinges for your home, office or any other space. Each factors has its own weightage and whether it needs to be taken into account or not can vary based on personal preferences.

Where to Buy High-Quality Gate Closers

The importance of gate closers cannot be understated. No matter which type or material you go for, it is crucial to trust the right brand that can last long as well as serve the respective purpose effectively. To find the most durable and long-lasting hardware for your property, you can visit our website and browse through the catalogue.

Our products are split by categories and it is easy to find the products that you need without extensive effort.