Selecting Gate Hinges for Your Home or Office

If you’re looking for gate hinges for your home or office, you’ve come to the right place. Hinge Outlet is the leading provider of gate hinges and hardware for residential and commercial use offering a wide variety of Tru Close gate hinges, round post gate hinges, double acting gate hinges, and adjustable gate hinges. Like door hinges and hardware, there are several considerations to keep top-of-mind while selecting the best gate hinge for your project.

Your gate, and fence if applicable, are only as strong and functional as the gate hinge you select.

Your gate hinge should be easy enough to use to maintain good functionality, but strong enough to fortify your fence. This becomes especially important if you’re selecting a gate hinge for the gate to your fenced-in pool. The structure becomes entirely useless with a faulty set of gate hinges.

A beautiful gate is useless if it's a struggle to get in and out. The fence and gate you may have installed to safeguard your pool, pet, or child is rendered useless with a faulty set of hinges.

For outdoor applications, durability is essential. Gate hinges support the weight of your gate, while being subjected to harsh outdoor elements: rain, snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, corrosive salt, and harmful UV rays.

Gate hinges made of inferior materials may rust prematurely, become inoperable, and even fail to support the gate. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can take a toll on hardware causing materials to expand and contract, fasteners to come loose, and gate hinges to fail.

Hinge Outlet’s TruClose Gate Hinges are rust-proof.  For customers looking for a stainless steel finish on their gate hinges, our commercial spring hinges are a popular choice, and are on sale now.

The gate is the only moving part, and that movement is made possible by your gate hinge.

Unlike your fence, which is likely attached to posts cemented in the ground, gates hang suspended and must withstand constant use -- if you have kids, maybe even a little abuse. Even careful gate users think little about opening and closing a gate, nor should they have to! That’s why many of our customers love our double action gate hinges, which return to a closed position automatically. Hinge Outlet offers durable and functional double action gate hinges, including gate hinges in zinc and stainless steel – the best gate hinge finish for outdoor use.

First impressions matter.

Admittedly, your family members, employees, neighbors, and customers likely won’t notice your gate hinges, especially when they function well. But your gate hardware is something everyone will touch. Hinge Outlet offers beautiful and durable gate hardware to compliment your gate hinges.  

About Hinge Outlet

For more than a decade, Hinge Outlet has delivered the highest quality door hinges at the best possible prices. We offer a wide variety of Gate Hinges and hardware including safety gate latches, spring gate hinges, a variety of latches, bolts, and wood gate hardware.  We also offer door accessories like wood screws, door hinge stops, ball catches, flush bolts, and more. In addition to our premium product offering from the leading door hinge manufacturers, manufactures a custom line of door hinge products. Join our mailing list to be the first to learn about new product offerings and gain VIP access to sales and special offers.

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