Your Guide to Double Action Hinges on

Your Guide to Double Action Hinges on

Hinge Outlet offers high quality double action hinges in a variety of finishes and sizes. In addition to our own line of double action hinges, Hinge Outlet offers a premium selection of American-Made Bommer double action hinges. The company is known throughout the hardware industry for their superior Bommer double action hinges, made in the USA, for more than 125 years.

What are double action hinges? Around Hinge Outlet headquarters, our team likes to refer to double action hinges as a “special breed.” Double action hinges allow a door to swing in both directions instead of just a one directional open and close. You’ve likely seen a double action hinge on saloon-style doors.  

Here’s what you need to know about the double action hinges you’ll find on

  1. Our selection of double action hinges are made of heavy gauge steel and specifically designed for heavy duty use on doors from ¾” to 1 ¾” thickness.
  2. The piece that holds the tension pin, called a capstan, is made of solid machined steel bar for ultimate durability. The capstan is the component of the double action hinge that must endure a tremendous amount of resistance, and is most-often what malfunctions on an inferior double action hinge.
  3. Bommer Double Action Hinges are available on in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Satin Brass, Zinc, and Prime, which is excellent for custom color projects.
  4. Our custom Double Action Hinge line has been Approved by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and is patented in the USA.
  5. The fool-proof locking device for our double action hinges meets U.S. Federal specification FF-HH-116C which ensures the top button on the hinge is not removable, and the spring cannot be removed or tampered with).
  6. Hinge Outlet’s line of double action hinges are great for commercial applications, and are available in Matte Black, Zinc, and Brass finishes.

For more than a decade, has delivered the highest quality door hinges at the best possible prices. We offer the largest selection of door hinges online, as well as door accessories like wood screws, door hinge stops, ball catches, flush bolts, and more. In addition to our premium product offering from the leading hinge manufacturers, manufactures a custom line of door hinge products. Join our mailing list to be the first to learn about new product offerings and gain VIP access to sales and special offers.

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