Weld On Hinges Provide Strength and Security - Hinge Outlet

Weld On Hinges Provide Strength and Security - Hinge Outlet

In some instances, strength and security are your number one needs in your hinges and door hardware. Hinge Outlet has the perfect solution - Weld On Hinges. Weld On Hinges, or Weldable Hinges, are welded to another metal surface rather than screwed into place. Weld On Hinges from Hinge Outlet are available in a variety of shapes and types including weld on butt hinges, weld on bullet hinges, weld on strap hinges, or weld on barrel hinges

Weld on hinges are used for permanent applications that are not to be moved or tampered with. Weldable hinges have a longer life span than traditional screw on door hinges. The Weld On Hinge is also the most widely used for metal applications because it has a simple shape and design that can be used on many types of materials. Weld On Hinges are typically non-obtrusive, and can be painted to match the metal surface to which they are applied.

Weld On Hinge Benefits

  • Hinge Outlet’s Weld On Hinges feature precision ground alloy steel pins
  • Our Weld On Hinges are “non-handed,” for either right or left hand mounting
  • Our Weld On Hinges are heavy duty for outdoor or demanding environments

Weldable Hinge Uses

In addition to residential use for gates, decorative light boxes, and more, Weld On Hinges have a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications:

  • Armored Vehicles
  • Prison Gates
  • Vault Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Construction Projects
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Security Gates or Doors
  • Shipping Containers

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