Torque Hinges: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Torque Hinges: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Torque hinges, also known as friction hinges and constant torque friction hinges, provide continual resistance to the pivoting motion, making it possible to easily position a display device, lids or flaps, and panels securely at any desired angle.

Some models of torque hinges with soft-close prevent doors, cabinet doors, lids and more from slamming closed from an opened position, while other types of torque hinges make it possible to open a heavy cover or door with little effort.

This versatile torque hinge is ideal for a variety of applications such as chests, toy boxes, tools boxes, cabinet doors, access panels, window seats, jewel and cigar boxes, and more.

Torque Hinges

Most people use torque hinges daily without ever giving them a thought. Torque hinges are used for holding laptop screens, shop cabinets, and commercial doors open and at the user’s desired angle. If a traditional hinge were used, lids, doors, and equipment panels wouldn’t stay open or upright, but instead would slam shut because no friction or resistance would be present. While regular hinges have been used for hundreds of years, the innovation of torque hinges has been a welcome addition for manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners.

Generally, if something opens, closes, tilts or rotates, and you'd like to be able to adjust it and have it remain in the chosen position, a torque hinge is the answer.

Additional possible applications for torque hinges include:

  • Adjustable shields or operator's screens on machinery
  • Doors that need to remain open and not close accidentally for safety or convenience such as emergency exits, air locks, or during loading and unloading
  • Cabinets, lockers, electrical boxes, or control panels
  • Windows, doors, or hatches that need to remain partially open for ventilation

When determining which hinge type to use for an application, knowing the panel or door's weight and the length from the pivot point is essential. From that point, you’ll determine the mounting type (top mount, flush mount, swaged down, and swaged up) and then select the torque hinge style or size. It may even be possible to remove standard hinges and replace them with torque hinges using the same mounting holes.

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