Hinge Hero - Door Hinge Lubrication Tool - Sold Separately or as Kit with WD-40


$ 13.55 

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Hinge Hero gets rid of squeaky door hinges in your home, office, or work place without creating a mess. It works by effectively directing the spray lubricant into the hinge while containing the overspray and eliminating the mess - one quick blast into the Hinge Hero and the squeak is gone! 

Product Specifications: 

  • Hinge Hero Door Lubrication Tool
  • Stops squeaky door hinges 
  • Lubricate door hinges without the mess
  • Eliminates overspray on doors, walls and floors
  • Works fast and fits most residential door hinges
  • Easy to use
  • Hinge Hero tool sold individually
  • Also available in an All-in-One Lubrication Kit: includes Hinge Hero, 3oz. spray can of WD-40 all-purpose lubricant, re-sealable plastic bag for storage and instructions
    • The WD-40® Multi-Use Product 3 oz. can fits just about anywhere so you can use it just about everywhere
      • Portable Size
      • Drives out moisture
      • Protects
      • Frees sticky mechanisms
      • Loosens rusted parts
      • Lubricates