Butterfly Hinges - The Metamorphisis

Butterfly Hinges - The Metamorphisis

Butterfly hinges, also called surface mount cabinet hinges or dovetail hinges up, attach to the outside of cabinet doors so the entirety of the hinge is visible when the door is closed. Butterfly hinges are so named because of their ornamental, mirror-image leaves, or wings. Butterfly hinges have been used on everything from cabinets to shutters to trunk – pretty much any application with a door or lid—to provide decorative open and close functionality.

Butterfly hinges have been widely used since the late 19th century, with evidence of existence as far back as medieval England.  With the advent of hidden cabinet hinge design in the early 20th century, butterfly cabinet hinge application popularity declined for several decades before enjoying a resurgence in use on today’s kitchen cabinets, especially among homeowners seeking a pop of vintage decoration and style. 

Hinge Outlet is a leading provider of door hinges and hardware, and offers a selection of butterfly cabinet hinges for your project:

  1. HingeOutlet.com features butterfly cabinet hinges in a wide variety of styles, from art deco to rustic.
  2. Our butterfly cabinet hinges are available in matte black, wrought iron, anthracite, and brass finishes.
  3. Our selection of butterfly hinges is designed to fit cabinet doors that are both flush or offset.
  4. All orders above $50 ship fast, for free, and are eligible for returns up to 30 days following your purchase.

For more than a decade, HingeOutlet.com has delivered the highest quality door hinges and furniture hinges at the best possible prices. We offer the largest selection of door hinges online, as well as door accessories like wood screws, door hinge stops, ball catches, flush bolts, and more. In addition to our premium product offering from the leading hinge manufacturers, HingeOutlet.com manufactures a custom line of door hinge products. Join our mailing list to be the first to learn about new product offerings and gain VIP access to sales and special offers.

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