The Most Popular Finish for Door Hardware for 2020?

The Most Popular Finish for Door Hardware for 2020?

As 2020 rolls around, homeowners are trying to uncover the most trending options for redesigns. From entrance doors and interior doors to appliances and more, the choices come down to the details.

Don’t forget about the door hardware, and more importantly, the finish of your door hinges.

See what the most popular finishes for door hardware will be donning your neighbors’ and friends’ doorways. We are about to reveal the results and the door hinges you’ll want to stock up on for the new year at Hinge Outlet.

Polished Chrome Door Hinges: Want a polished look for your doors. Hardware and door hinges from Hinge Outlet in polished chrome offer you that and more. The sleek look is just what you need to modernize your doors and your door hardware.

Polished Chrome Finish Hinges

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Door Hardware: You can never go wrong with door hardware and door hinges that are finished in oil-rubbed bronze. Dominating the past few years, as door hardware trends you must adopt, oil-rubbed bronze door hinges add charm and easily match accessories in chrome and stainless steel. Choose from ball bearing door hinges and self-closing spring hinges in oil-rubbed bronze for an aesthetically-pleasing look.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Satin Nickel Door Hinges: From ball-bearing door hinges and self-close hinges, know that satin nickel finishes are among the most popular in 2020 as far as door hardware is concerned. The sleek and shiny look matches modern and contemporary décor and furnishings, ultimately making these door hinges versatile for years to come.      

Satin Nickel Finish Hinge     

Stainless Steel: As a staple in door hardware, stainless steel door hinges never go out of style. The sleek, silver tones match a variety of door color schemes and styles. You can choose from door hinges in stainless steel that are concealed and invisible, too.

Stainless Steel Finish Hinge

Antique Brass: Choosing antique brass door hinges is not only a stylish trend, but also practical. There’s no denying that polished brass door hardware offers durability for long-term use, but antique brass door hinges are also pleasing to the eye. The glossy look works well when modernizing your home door hardware and the finish is often much more durable, maintaining its rustic finish throughout the years.

Antique Brass Finish

Whether you love to see the new door hardware trends of 2020 or want to add something new to your existing doors, these five finishes won’t disappoint. At Hinge Outlet, we can help you outfit your home or business with door hardware and cabinet hinges that are durable, easy-to-install and visually appealing. From soft-close door hinges to concealed hinges that are invisible to the naked eye from the exterior, know that Hinge Outlet has exactly what you need. Check out our door hinges and door hardware in a variety of finishes to choose the one that meets your needs and satisfies your wants.

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