SOSS Hinges - The Benefits of Concealed Hinges

SOSS Hinges - The Benefits of Concealed Hinges

When it comes to determining the type of door hinges or cabinet hinges you need in your home or commercial business, know that you have many choices. However, one popular trend that is here to stay is the use of concealed hinges, such as SOSS hinges, available from the Hinge Outlet.

What Are SOSS Hinges?

Commonly used on inset doors, concealed SOSS door hinges and SOSS cabinet hinges are typically known as invisible hinges. Basically, you cannot see the SOSS door hinge or SOSS cabinet hinge when the cabinet is closed. As a popular option for kitchen and bathroom cabinet re-designs, SOSS hinges allow your cabinet doors to close easily, offering a clean line for the design. 

SOSS hinges are easily attached by cutting mortises into the cabinet frame and door, providing strength and support. You can also use SOSS hinges on countertops equipped with lift panels and furniture, such as entertainment centers. Although SOSS cabinet hinges and SOSS door hinges are concealed from the outside of the cabinet, there are a variety of finishes available to dress up the interior portion of the cabinet. Choose from SOSS hinges finished in nickel, stainless steel or even brass and bronze.

The Benefits of SOSS Concealed Hinges

As a home owner or commercial contractor, it’s easy to see why SOSS concealed hinges have gained popularity. The advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • SOSS hinges are easy to maintain and simple to install
  • In addition, SOSS concealed hinges are easy to remove if necessary
  • SOSS cabinet hinges are aesthetically pleasing from the outside of the cabinet
  • Many of our SOSS door hinges self close, providing a nice feature for your hidden doors.
  • You can easily adjust SOSS hinges as they offer three dimensions of adjustability
  • One of the primary benefits of SOSS concealed hinges is that they minimize noise
  • SOSS hinges feature horizontal, vertical and depth adjustments after the hinges are installed

Choose Your Own Set of SOSS Hinges

At Hinge Outlet, we are proud to carry a variety of SOSS door hinges and SOSS cabinet hinges. In fact, you have more choices than you can imagine.

See for yourself.

Concealed SOSS Door Hinges in Multiple Finishes: Sold individually, this heavy-duty, invisible cabinet door hinge offers a seamless look and supports doors up to 275 pounds when three SOSS hinges are used. Each SOSS door hinge comes with all necessary hardware for an easy install and has surpassed performance with an open and close cycle test of more than 300,00 occurrences.

Model 220 Concealed Door Hinges: Designed for use in wood or metal applications, these SOSS hinges are perfect for compact spaces and offer ultimate durability. This SOSS cabinet hinge opens at a full 180-degrees and acts as a single-action SOSS door hinge.

But wait, there’s more. Hinge Outlet offers a variety of SOSS hinges, concealed cabinet hinges and invisible door hinges. Find exactly what you need to get the job done when choosing the high quality Hinge Outlet is known for throughout the world.

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