Everything You Need to Know About Blum Cabinet Hinges

Everything You Need to Know About Blum Cabinet Hinges

As you begin to develop a concept for a kitchen redesign or an installation of new cabinets, one of the most forgotten details is hinges. Without these handy devices, your cabinets won’t open and close as needed. However, while it’s easy to choose just any type of cabinet hinges, you deserve high quality and intricate designs commonly found with Blum Cabinet hinges.

Whether you opt for Blum soft close hinges or Blum Hinges 110°, know that at the Hinge Outlet, we are committed to helping you make the best choice. That’s why we want to provide you with advanced knowledge of Blum Cabinet Hinges.

What are Blum Cabinet Hinges?

Our Blum cabinet hinges attach to your existing or new kitchen or bathroom cabinets and offer a smooth way to open and close each cabinet. The difference is that Blum cabinet hinges come in a variety of styles with features that make the process of opening and closing your cabinets seamless. Blum products are used throughout the world and have gained popularity as the best high-quality cabinet hinges used by residential customers and commercial contractors. This popularity stems from the rigorous research process Blum has adopted as the norm when manufacturing Blum soft close hinges and Blum products.

Types of Blum Cabinet Hinges

At Hinge Outlet, we are proud to carry a large selection of Blum cabinet hinges, soft-close hinges and concealed hinges.  Try them on for size.

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Cabinet Hinges: Offering a full overlay and 110-degree opening, these Blum cabinet hinges are concealed but play a big role in how your kitchen or bathroom cabinets operate. These Blum cabinet hinges fit in small spaces and feature a stylish body. As one of the most popular Blum soft close hinges on the market, these cabinet hinges are manufactured to open and close up to 200,000 times.
Blum Clip Top Hinges

Compact Blumotion Concealed Cabinet Hinges: With a 105-degree opening and a variety of overlays, these Blum cabinet hinges feature soft-close integration and a deactivation switch. Easy to install, these Blum soft close hinges feature a wrap-around mount and a concealed face frame.

Blumotion Hinges

Why Should You Choose Blum Soft-Close Hinges?

You have choices when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but it’s important to consider why so many choose Blum soft-close hinges and Blum Hinges 110°. The benefits of soft-close hinges are many.

Consider This. Blum soft-close hinges can:

  • Prolong the life of your cabinets, ultimately reducing wear and tear on both the Blum cabinet hinges and the cabinets themselves.
  • Reduce noise in your home or office. Imagine a space where you don’t hear kitchen cabinets bang each time they are closed.
  • Offer the safety you need. How many times have you pinched your fingers due to a slammed kitchen cabinet. With Blum soft-close hinges, this risk is gone.
  • Upgrade the look of your kitchen. The high-quality is indisputable, but the style of Blum Hinges 110 and Blum soft-close hinges adds a designer look to your kitchen cabinets and add value.

Whether you prefer high-quality Blum Cabinet hinges, Blum soft-close hinges or designer cabinet hinges, such as Blum Hinges 110°, know that you can find all of the above at the Hinge Outlet. With a large selection of cabinet hinges, door hinges and furniture hinges at unbeatable prices, it makes sense to make Hinge Outlet your go-to supplier of all things hinges. 

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