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How to Install and Repair Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are vital components of your home, especially in cases when the home or office is an area that sees a lot of dust, debris, rain, snow or bugs entering the property. Also known as door bottoms, these parts are crucial for a door. They don’t offer much in terms of visual appeal but their functional benefits are extensive. As a result, they are common sights in numerous residential and commercial spaces around the world.

The installation and repair of door sweeps can require professional assistance especially when the door needs to come off its hinges. In other cases where an adhesive is used to stick on the door sweeps, people can do it themselves. There is no prior experience necessary although you will need to be careful regarding placement and alignment before sticking the sweeps on. In this article, we will go over the process of installation and repair of door sweeps.

Installation and Repair of Door Sweeps

There are a variety of door sweeps available. Most of these can simply stick-on. Types like wrap around, snap-in, slide-on and L-shaped door sweeps can come with adhesive bonding that can simply clamp onto the door without any issues. The staple-on door sweeps fit into a kerf that is cut into the door which is usually made during the installation and manufacture of the door itself. With each door sweep installation, it is vital to consider all these factors.

Different types of door sweeps have varying requirements in terms of installation and repair. Most sweeps have an adhesive coating on one side that allows them to be stuck on easily. In other cases, doors have built in guide vanes where the door sweeps need to be installed. Here, the door has to be taken off its hinges or the sweeps have to be installed before the door is put into place. Depending on the type of sweeps that you have, the installation and repair process can differ.

If you are looking to buy door sweeps, you can browse through the selection available at Hinge Outlet. The collection of sweeps can give you an idea regarding installation and the following process. Once you know which door sweeps to buy, you can simply order it and then make a relevant decision regarding whether you want to install them yourself or have a professional assist you with it.

Installation Steps for Door Sweeps

The process of installation for door sweeps, as mentioned earlier, is relatively simple. The things you’ll need in terms of tools are a drill machine, drill bits, saw, measuring tape, pencil for marking, hand screwdriver, and a utility knife. The only material you’ll need is a door sweep. You can buy the Door Bottom Sweep – 1-7/8” Height available from Hinge Outlet if it suits your requirements with respect to functional and aesthetic functions.

Measure the Space

Start by using your tape measure and take the dimensions with respect to the width of the door. Measure from where the hinges are to the outer frame of the corner, run your measuring tape to know the length of strip that’ll be needed. It is an old carpenter’s rule to measure twice and cut once which is short for playing it safe than sorry.

Cut the Sweep Accordingly

Door sweeps have a metal or solid part to which they are installed. Make sure to measure the door before ordering your type of sweeps. If the sweep requires cutting, you can trim the metal part using a hacksaw and the flexible flap with scissors or a knife. This trimming is important because without the proper length, there can be a lot of inconvenience caused for the door closing and other functions as well.

Align and Mark Drill Holes

Place the door sweep with its rubber or plastic part brushing the floor or top of your threshold lightly. Determine the ideal placement where the flap is not hindering the movement of the door or causing too much trouble when operating. Use a pencil or marker to draw the holes and their relevant positions for effective placements. Use relevant size drill bit with the type of door sweeps that you are using.

Fix the Door Sweep

This step is relevant for all kinds of door sweeps that you may be installing or repairing. Whether it takes holes or adhesive, you’ll need a bit of extra anchoring for the sweep through holes. Push the sweep alongside the door threshold, then drive the screws into the door. Move the door in and out to test the sweeps. It pays to have the screws put in lightly so that you can adjust their positioning accordingly. Appropriate placement of the sweep is crucial because it can aid with a lot of things including your power bills.

Repair, Maintenance and Upkeep

Door sweep repairs can be similar to the installation process. You’ll need to replace the old and worn-out sweep beforehand. This is the only additional step in the process. Maintenance and upkeep will depend on the type of sweep that you are installing. You can simply use a duster to clean the sweep. In case of bristle style sweeps, you’ll require a little more effort because the brush style mechanism can trap a lot of particles that can be hard to remove.


Door sweeps are effective pieces for use underneath doors. They protect the home against unwanted dust, debris and other natural elements like snow or water. Door sweep repair and installation is relatively simple and can be done within an hour. You just need a few basic tools which are readily available in most households. Ideally, if you have a little bit of experience managing tasks around the house, you can get this done in under an hour.

If you are looking to buy door sweeps, hinges or a variety of other accessories for your door, Hinge Outlet provides you with an extensive selection that comes in handy. Head over to the website and find the parts that you need.