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Understanding the Basics of Offset Door Hinges

Over time, construction has evolved by leaps and bounds. The tools and processes used in the industry have transformed. This rule applies in terms of door, window and cabinet hinges too. Conventional door hinges have changed considerably and now, there are various different types available for a variety of reasons. Offset door hinges are one commonly used type that is mostly found in commercial spaces to provide greater ease of access and mobility.

Also known as swing clear hinges,offset door hinges enable any door to open further than it would do with traditional hinges. This can allow heavy machinery, large equipment or movement of other materials to occur without hindrance. Understanding the basics of offset hinges is important when trying to decide whether your home or office building requires them or not. Here is everything that you need to know about these hinges and their function.

What Are Offset Door Hinges?

Of the various types of door hinges, offset hinges are cost effective and easy to install. Even when replacing or repairing, these hinges are simple to add. With the shapes and size that they are available in, contractors or homeowners can install them on any door, window or cabinet. The screws and holes on these hinges are similar to traditional ones which makes installation even simpler. If your primary need is to increase clearance on your door, offset door hinges will be your best bet.

Offset hinges basically move the pivot point of the door away from the hinges where it is attached. Acting as a counterbalance, this allows the clearance of the door to increase significantly. As a result, larger objects or more people can enter as well as exit the building conveniently. In some places, these hinges allow compliance with building regulations or safety codes for instance enabling entry of wheelchairs and walkers for people with disabilities.

Of the various styles and designs that are available, owners or contractors can buy hinges for different door materials. For instance, these Swing Clear Expandable Ball Bearing Door Hinges have recessed application which is aesthetic and functional at the same time. The satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes that are available in these hinges allow maximum benefits in terms of clearance when considering movement of machinery, equipment or wheelchairs etc.

How Does an Offset Door Hinge Work?

Offset door hinges basically function by moving the pivot point of a door further from the hinge. Where a traditional door opens completely at 90 degrees, the offset hinge increases clearance by at least 2 inches which makes it more convenient for various aspects of movement. Property owners can avoid the cost of installing a new door frame that might also involve making the wall space larger.

The biggest advantage of offset door hinges is that replacement doesn’t cost exuberant amounts. The process is simple and time efficient as well. It is only a basic modification which can ultimately increase the efficiency of a door, converting it from traditional use to more commercial purposes. Restaurants, warehouses, and other types of stores can greatly benefit from installation of these hinges since the basics are extremely simple.

Choosing Offset Hinges over Conventional Ones

Narrow doorways are cause for concern in numerous places. While the traditional door can serve its purpose effectively in a home, it doesn’t do the same in more commercial settings. With a restricted path, people and goods as well as their movement is limited at best. Many people face this inconvenience on a regular basis yet shy away from doing anything about it because they believe the solution can cost them a lot.

Offset door hinges are also known as fold-back, swing-clear or swing-away hinges. When shopping for the same, make sure that you don’t become confused. Even a couple of inches that a offset hinge adds to the door clearance can make a lot of difference. Hinge Outlet provides an extensive selection of offset hinges that owners or contractors can pick from depending on the specific needs that they have. This is essential because the right hinge is crucial to derive the best benefits.

Benefits of Offset Hinges

There are various benefits of offset hinges. Here are some of them:

  • Increasing door clearance:Offset Pivot Hinges ensure that when the door is fully open, it can sit flush with the wall. As a result, the overall opening increases by at least 2 to 3 inches allowing larger objects and wheelchairs to enter a building easily.
  • Installation on narrow door frames:Offset door hinges can easily be installed on thinner door frames because of their unique construction. They provide ideal holding strength even with a relatively thin frame.

Offset Door Hinges for Cabinets

Offset hinges are available not just for doors in commercial buildings but cabinets as well. Just as they increase the opening size on an entrance door, they allow a cabinet to open further than usual as well. This is beneficial for allowing bigger boxes and objects to be placed within cabinets. Offset Cabinet Hinges are available in a variety of finishes and styles to suit for various aesthetics.

Offset Pivot Hinges

Offset pivot hinges are one of the most common types of pivot hinges used mostly in commercial spaces around the world. They allow a door to swing open while clearing the door frame. As the door’s opening angle is not limited due to the frame, it can open much further allowing 180 degree swinging as well. This is essential at times when large objects, machinery or equipment needs to pass through a door at a commercial building.


Understanding the basics of offset hinges can make a huge difference in decision-making, particularly when working on a commercial space. In case you want to purchase offset door hinges, you can visit Hinge Outlet and browse through the extensive selection they have available. The website also has a variety of other accessories for doors, windows and cabinets in both residential as well as commercial settings so that movement can be easier for heavy machinery, larger equipment and even wheelchairs, etc. Make sure that you choose the right hinges by consulting with professionals.

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