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Everything You Need to Know about Door Sweeps

Exterior doors usually have a lot of considerations especially since they protect homes against the elements. Blowing wind, cold breezes, snow, rain and dirt are just some of the things that doors keep out. Naturally then, these doors require additional elements such as thresholds and door sweeps which help them perform their functions more efficiently. Door sweeps are effective depending on which type is used.

Also known as draft stoppers, these pieces that are usually installed at the bottom of doors can be made out of plastic or rubber. They drag on the floor as they door opens or closes which helps in sweeping the floor and keeps the elements like dust, water and pests out. Ultimately, the level of cleanliness and energy efficiency within the home increases due to door sweeps. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about door sweeps.

What are Door Sweeps?

Door sweeps are thin, strip like pieces that are installed at the bottom of the door. They are made out of rubber or plastic mostly. Some door sweeps even have bristles to act as a proper sweeping tool that cleans the floor when they open or close. Door sweeps will help keep a lot of elements out which ensures that the interior of the home remains spick and span for longer periods of time. Installation of door sweeps is particularly important in commercial spaces where temperatures needs to be controlled.

Door sweeps can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Although they don’t come in a variety of designs or styles, they are visible on the door. Therefore, they have a touch of visual appeal to them as well. With a door sweep installed, exterior doors and particularly the underside, which is where the most open spaces are, can be protected against a variety of factors. Door sweeps become vital in areas that have a lot of dust and rain.

Types of Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are mostly available in three main types namely, strip, bristle and under-door. Each type has its own functions and serves a unique purpose depending on how and where they are installed. Choosing which type of sweep to install can also vary based on the area of residence and prevalent weather conditions. Anomalies like heavy rain, dust and snow can necessitate the need for door sweeps in your home or office.

Strip Style Door Sweeps

Strip door sweeps provide an ideal combination of energy efficiency and convenience. They are effective tools for a variety of reasons. Coupled with simpler installation, less space consumption and painless replacement options, strip door sweeps are extremely functional. With these features, both people prefer strip style door sweeps made out of rubber or plastic, to install for commercial as well as residential purposes.

Strip style door sweeps like the Door Bottom Sweep -  1-11/16” Height available at Hinge Outlet provides extensive functionality along with aluminum or dark bronze finishes to enhance both the appearance and effectiveness of your door. They come with adhesive backing so that it can stick to either side of a door. They can also be installed in installation guides underneath the door. In both cases, there is gentle contact both of the strip and the door as well as between the strip and floor.

Bristle Style Door Sweeps

Bristle style door sweeps have identical function to strip style. They are relatively under-used because of the aesthetic sense that they provide. However, at times, their functional capabilities can outweigh the visual appeal. In these cases, they are installed in both commercial and residential settings. Bristle style door sweeps can also be made out of both rubber and plastic with each providing a unique sense of purpose where installed.

This type of door sweep plugs the space under a door. Usually, this is the place where most space is left for dust and debris to enter the home. With fine brush-like bristles that act as a broom sweeping the floor. There is less frictional movement in this type of door sweeps since the bristles offer lower resistance as compared to strips. This factor is also counted as the main benefit of these type of door sweeps. Another thing to consider is that they don’t work as well as strip style sweeps when it comes to keeping dust and bugs out.

Under-Door Sweeps

This type of door sweeps offers the best possible seal between the inside and outside of a home. Typically shaped like the letter ‘B’ in uppercase, the two round pieces face upwards creating a distinct and tight plug under the door. They completely protect the space between the floor and door against natural elements entering the home and temperature loss from inside. In terms of functionality these door sweeps are the best.

Under-door sweeps are usually made from soft foam due to their shape and functions. Some types even come with a hook-and-look strip that helps prevent excessive slipping of the door. All-in-all, the features of this door provide more in terms of functions and effectiveness as compared to the other two types. Most people prefer installing under-door sweeps at their properties irrespective of the fact that there are no styles available in them.

Installation and Maintenance

Door sweeps should always be installed on the outer side of the door unless of course, there are guide vanes at the bottom of the door, in which case they are placed in the middle. Strip style door sweeps are easiest to install and maintain. The bristle style door sweeps require a lot of upkeep since they are prone to dust and other particles getting stuck in them. For under-door sweeps, a door might need to be taken off its hinges during installation.


The features and functionalities of door sweeps are extensive. Although they are not available in many styles or materials with finishes being limited as well, door sweeps can offer a lot in terms of functionality. If you are looking to buy door sweeps, Hinge Outlet provides some great options that are sure to meet your requirements. Visit the website to browse through the portfolio and pick the one that best suits your needs.