Uses of Lid Support Hinges and Stays

Uses of Lid Support Hinges and Stays

Lid support hinges and lid stays are used widely around your home and work space. Lid support hinges help lids and flaps stay in an open position, and close smoothly and softly.

Most lid support hinges are spring-loaded and easily mount on the inside of the lid and box. The most common example of lid support hinge and lid stay use is on a child’s toy box. Lid support hinges keep the toy box lid open and stead, so you don’t have to worry about slamming shut unexpectedly on small hands. Other lid support hinge applications include hope chests, window seats, storage chests, and stereo cabinets. Lid support hinges can be mounted on the left, right or center of the case.

There are several types of lid support hinges. Folding lid support hinges and hardware are an excellent choice for both chest lid and desk flap support. When installed correctly, folding lid support hinges intrude very little into the box or desk, minimizing the occurrence of interference with shelving or cubbies. Folding lid support hinges are designed to open slightly more than 180°, preventing them from closing again until partially released at the joint with an easy pull or push. Because the potential for accidental release does exist slightly with folding lid support hinges, they are not recommended for use around small children.

Other types of lid support hinges include dual action, swing-up lid support hinges that can be used for both upward and downward opening applications. Dual action lid support hinges can be left or right mounted. For doors/lids/flaps 24” or wider, two dual action lid support hinges are recommended.

Another type of lid support hinge is the adjustable soft down lid support hinge, which is used on an upward-opening flap or door and is designed to hold the door in a fully opened position while preventing it from slamming down. Like swing-up lid support hinges, adjustable soft down lid support hinges can be left or right mounted. One pair of adjustable soft down lid support hinges is recommended per lid/flap.

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