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4 Reasons Your Door is Stuck and How to Fix It

Every structure, whether it’s a home or an office building, has doors. Even the most modern of spaces with open floor plans have doors somewhere on their premises. Doors are essential components of any building, which means they get opened and closed on a pretty regular basis. This also makes them prone to getting stuck, which defeats the purpose of using them! Learn how to fix a stuck door and why it may be sticking in the first place.  

Issues with the Strike Plate

What is a strike plate? This metal plate has a hole in it to catch and secure the latch on a door. The door could get stuck if the latch of the door is misaligned, or if the strike plate is damaged. Issues with the strike plate can be resolved fairly easily. If you see that the strike plate is sticking out of the door jamb, all you need to do is readjust the plate and screw it into the proper alignment. Strike the plate until it’s flat if it is uneven, and tighten the screws on the strike plate. If the issue lies in the latch, you can either readjust the plate to align with the door latch or drill a new hole for the latch with a drill. You can also use a file or other tools to readjust the hole to better fit the latch of the door.

Dirt and Humidity Could Make Your Door Stick

The buildup from the dirt piling above the door frame, or the humidity of the door’s surroundings can result in the door getting sticky and getting stuck. This can be easily prevented by cleaning the door regularly and removing the stickiness, particles, and debris stuck on the door. If the humidity causes the door to swell and extend, you may need to take the door off its hinges and sand it to fit the door frame. This could be a tricky DIY job, so it may be safer to hire a professional.

Door Sticking Due to Wear and Tear

Just like any structure, doors are subject to wear and tear from daily use. This means they can get worn down and start to get stuck. Wear and tear on a structure isn’t isolated to just doors; the entire home’s foundation could start to shift, especially if it was built on uneven ground to begin with. If your door is getting stuck because of time, age, and wear and tear, it may be useful to hire a professional to replace the door or check the foundation.

Stuck Door from Broken Hinges 

Thehinges of the door may also cause the door to get stuck to its frame, especially when the door hinges are loose. Simply replacing the things of the door should do the trick and prevent the door from getting stuck again.Pro tip: make sure you use high quality hinges. You can find them at Hinge Outlet, Inc.

Door Hinges atHinge Outlet, Inc.

From popular types ofdoor hinges such as ball-bearing hinges to more specialized hinges such as parliament door hinges, we here atHinge Outlet, Inc. sell a wide range of different hinges of different sizes to fit your respective needs. We are committed to bringing you hinges of the highest quality at the lowest prices possible. We offer durable, reliable hinges suitable for any residential or commercial building. Fix your stuck doors with the right hardware when you shop with us today.Contact us to find out more!