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5 Different Types of Door Thresholds

A door has different components that contribute to its functionality and aesthetic. Hinges, knobs, sills and thresholdsare just some of the parts that allow a door to operate properly and without any issues. Door thresholds are installed at the bottom and provide clearance as well as waterproofing to the door as well as the room itself. Having the appropriate type and material of threshold can make all the difference when it comes to ideal installation.

Thresholds are necessary wherever a door is installed however, the tricky decision is choosing the one that suits your needs as there are many different types available. Whether you have wood flooring or carpet throughout the room, a thresholdcan enhance the visual appeal and the life of everything in the room with just a simple addition. Although they are extremely important, they are easily forgotten due to their small size. In this article we will detail various different types of door thresholds.

Purpose of Door Thresholds

Before we dive into types of the door accessories, it is crucial to shed a little light on what they are and the purpose that they serve. In layman’s terms, door thresholds can be considered stoppers that are installed at the bottom of a door. Their functions can be quite diverse though. Not only do they add style to the construction but also level out the flooring especially when two different materials are being used. Most importantly though, they provide weatherproofing and energy efficiency.

Difference between Door Sill and Threshold

Door sill and threshold both are found at the bottom of the door. The sill is the part of the structure that sits under the jamb. As for the threshold, it is installed on top of the sill and makes the door waterproof and weather tight. Both sill and door thresholds are vital because of their functions and also an aesthetic appeal that they provide. Water or other natural elements can enter the room or the house if the threshold is missing or not properly installed which is why having them is significant.

Types of Door Thresholds

Thresholdscan be installed both on the inside and outside of the door depending on the ideal placement as advised by professionals. In most cases, door thresholds are made from aluminum but they are available in other materials as well like bronze, stainless steel or brass. Brass and bronze usually last more than other materials. Besides the difference in material, there are five types of door thresholds that are commonly installed in most households or office spaces around the world.

Saddle Thresholds

Saddle thresholds are amongst the most common types of thresholds that are installed in modern constructions. These types of door thresholds are placed at exterior openings and can be supplied with supporting beams that can run the entire length of it. The surface can be grooved or smooth depending on its requirement. ADA guidelines state that a threshold cannot be higher than ½ inch, must have a gradual incline and the rise must not be higher than ¼ of an inch. This Heavy Duty Saddle Threshold in ½ inch height is ideal for ADA compliant placements in your home if you are looking to buy one.

Heavy Duty Thresholds

A heavy duty is one of the types of door thresholds that are ideal for commercial usage. They can withstand the forces exerted by transport vehicles like lorries and forklifts. Therefore, experts recommend using these thresholds in places where heavy commercial movement of goods is witnessed. They last much longer in these commercial settings and naturally are preferable for usage in warehouses, retail outlets or storage units. Generally, they look similar to saddle thresholds but can include bumper seals. This Special Purpose Sill Nosing – Heavy Duty available at Hinge Outlet can provide ideal loading capacity for commercial purposes and is available in aluminum or dark bronze finishes.

Bumper Seal Thresholds

The bumper seal threshold has an additional stopper at the top where the door comes in contact with it. This creates and acts like an effective sealing agent that stops water or other elements from entering the room or house overall. It can also prevent excessive loss of temperature when the door is closed thus serving an ideal purpose of energy efficiency where required. It is important to take the undercut of the door into consideration before installing this type of threshold.

If you are looking for the perfect threshold to install, you can browse through the selection at Hinge Outlet to find the best fit.

Thermal Break Thresholds

A thermal break threshold can incorporate custom construction that acts as a breaker for hot or cold air. Since the different types of door thresholds are mostly metal, they can conduct and transfer both heat and cold which can alter the temperature of any room. This is especially relevant when there are significant differences in temperature on the outside and inside of the building or room where they are installed. Since most door thresholds have an incline, condensation on them can make people slip and hurt themselves. A thermal break threshold is designed to prevent that.

You can check out this Door Top Weatherstrip – Heavy Duty to act as a thermal break threshold for your property.

Carpet Dividers

Last but not the least are carpet dividers. Despite not having the word ‘threshold’ in their name, these components are considered the same. Their basic purpose is to help divide the flooring that lies underneath an opening. Carpet and carpet, carpet and tile as well as concrete and carpet can be separated using this type of threshold. Most importantly, if you have flooring that is susceptible to fire, carpet dividers are a must to install. This Carpet Threshold – Heavy  Duty is a perfect accessory for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Door thresholds are important parts of the overall mechanism that are not just beautiful to look at but extremely functional as well. They are multifaceted but it is important to know which threshold will work best for the place where you want them to be installed. Hinge Outletprovides an extensive selection for all intents and purposes that are not limited to just thresholds but expand well beyond that. Visit their website to find out more.