Heavy Duty Soft-Close Easy Lift-Up Lid Stay - Left Position - Sold Individually



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This Heavy Duty Soft-Close Easy-Lift Up Lid Stay is for upward-opening flap doors used with concealed, piano, butt, or drop hinges. It is designed to provide effortless opening and hold door in closed and opened position. Single or pair use allows wide range of door sizes/weights.
Product Specifications:
  • Soft-Close Easy Lift-Up Lid Stay
  • Heavy Duty
  • For upward-opening flap doors
  • Left position
  • Soft Close: Yes
  • Compatible Hinge Types: Concealed/Piano/Butt/Drop
  • Equipped with damper for soft and silent closing
  • Materials: Aluminum, Steel, ABS
  • Finish: Anodized, Galvanized, Light Grey
  • Door Max. Height: 28"
  • Door Min. Height: 12"
  • Door Max. Torque (kg-cm): 100
  • Door Max. Torque (lb-in): 75
  • Door Min. Torque (kg-cm): 75
  • Door Min. Torque (lb-in): 65
  • Sold Individually

Torque Calculation: Torque = Door Height × 1/2 × Door Weight

Torque per Piece: 75~100 kg·cm (65~87 lbs·in)