Hinge Tweaker™ for Commercial Hinges - Multiple Sizes Available - Sold Individually


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The Hinge Tweaker tools provide an easy one step process to eliminate sticking, rubbing, jamming or scratched paint on doors. They are engineered to solve reoccurring door problems such as sagging, sticking, or doors out of alignment. It tweaks the hinge by re-bending, which corrects the alignment of the door. In the door and hardware industry this re-bending technique is called “closing the swedging of a hinge” or “closing the gap”. Once you re-bend the hinge, the door realigns immediately.

Product Specifications:

  • Hinge Tweaker for Commercial Hinges
  • Solve reoccurring door problems such as sagging, sticking, or doors out of alignment
  • One step process that can repair all of these problems so your doors can operate smoothly again
  • Used in facilities with a lot of doors, such as Schools, Hospitals, Institutions, Government, Universities, K-12 Schools, Office Buildings, etc.
  • Sizes Available:
    • Standard Weight Hinge Tweaker™ (Red): Designed to fit standard weight .134 commercial hinges; ergonomic grip; high quality welded one-piece steel construction for maximum leverage and increased durability
    • Heavy Weight Hinge Tweaker™ (Blue): Larger hinge barrel and a little more torque; engineered for .180 gauge hinges; large hinge barrel design combined with the 19.5″ length is ideal for fixing your heavy weight hinge commercial doors
    • Dual Weight Hinge Tweaker™ (Green): Best of both worlds! The dual heavy/standard weight Hinge Tweaker™ will fit all your realignment needs; combined to fit both .134 and .180 gauge hinges; you’ll be prepared for almost anything in a commercial property
  • Hinge Tweaker Instructions
    • Sold individually