Fix A Sagging Door - Reinforcing Hinge - Satin Chrome - Single Hinge


$ 48.50 $ 55.95


If you need to fix a sagging door, the reinforcing hinge is the perfect hinge for you.  These full surface reinforcing hinges can be added to doors troubled by sagging.  They are perfect for medium and heavy weight doors subject to high frequency and abuse.  They provide additional reinforcement at the top corner of the door and jamb where the stress most frequently occurs.

Product Specifications

  • Order one hinge per door. Hinge is installed as a reinforcing hinge on the top part of the door.
  • Made from steel base material with a Satin Chrome Finish (US26D)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Hinges are handed (Left Hand and Right Hand).

How to Determine Handing

Sold as a Single Hinge