Lid Support - Gas Spring Pneumatic Stays - Multiple Strengths Available - Sold Individually



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Our Gas Spring Pneumatic Stays are perfect for lift-up or drop-down lids. High quality stays at a fair price! These best-selling stays provide silent, effortless, precise and reliable movement unattainable with stays using metal springs or friction to control motion. Installation is simple: the mounting brackets (32mm center-to-center) are applied to the case and the lid separately and then the body of the stay just snaps on. Five strengths offered. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Gas Spring Pneumatic Stays 
  • Perfect for lift-up or drop-down lids
  • Silent, effortless, and precise
  • Closing Forces Available: 6 kg (13 lbs), 8 kg (17 lbs), 10 kg (22 lbs), 12 kg (26 lbs), 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Sold Individually

Formula to determine the correct stay, and number of stays to use:

X = 6 x W x H / 1000

X = closing force

W = weight of lid in KG

H = height of lid in MM

Example: A lid that weighs 22 lbs.(10KG) and is 10" high (254mm) would fit into the formula as follows X = 6 x 10 x 254 / 1000 = 15.24 (use one SGS80015 stay or two SGS8008 stays)