Baldwin Ball Tips for Architectural Grade Hinges


$ 12.95 
SKU: 1090030I


Product Information & Specifications

  • Architectural Grade Baldwin ball tips may be added to any architectural grade Baldwin hinge.
  • Baldwin tips are made from solid brass.
  • Baldwin tips are easily installed by removing the existing hinge pin caps and screwing in the new Baldwin tips.
  • Specially-designed to thread into the top and bottom of the hinge barrel
  • Finials are completely interchangeable
  • Available in ten Baldwin finishes.
  • Sold in packs of two.
  • 030 Polished Brass, Laquered
  • 102 Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • 150 Satin Nickel
  • 260 Polished Chrome
  • 112 Venetian Bronze
  • 151 Antique Nickel, Dull
  • 056 Lifetime Satin Nickel
  • 003 Lifetime Brass
  • 050 Satin Brass & Black

PLEASE NOTE; The tips shown in this section fit only Baldwins "Architectural Grade" hinges.