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Hinge Resource Library

For those of you who are new to purchasing hinges, we have provided you with a resource library of common terms in the industry.  The Hinge Type glossary explains the various types of hinges on the market as well as the application and picture of the particular type.  We also have an extensive Video Library below to educate you on our products.  

Click for a handy downloadable infographic to assist you with choosing the correct hinges for your home.

Our complete hinge reference area provides links installation instructions, helpful articles, templates, videos, and much more.  We work to educate our customers on all topics related to hinges.

Hinge Installation Instructions, Templates, and Guides

Double Action Hinge Installation
T Hinge Installation

Hinge Types

Ball-Bearing Hinges - A type of hinge equipped with ball bearings between the hinge knuckles to reduce friction.  These hinges are very common in homes and businesses and can be used in place of any regular Plain Bearing Hinge.  See the image to the right to notice the ball bearings.
Ball Bearing Hinge

Double Acting Spring Hinges - A type of spring hinge that has springs to help open or close a door.  These hinges are also known as double action hinges, double action adjustable spring hinges, cafe door hinges, saloon door hinges, swinging door hinges, or double acting barrel hinges.  These hinge are common in restaurants and for commercial use.  Our double acting hinges are approved by the New York Housing Authority. 
Double Action Spring Hinge

Magnetic Strap Hinges -A strap hinge in a traditional sense is a hinge with long leaves or straps for screwing into a door or gate.  We offer a magnetic version of the traditional strap hinge that does not have to be screwed into anything.  These hinges work well on any steel garage door and will not rust or fade.
Magnetic Strap Hinge

Plain-Bearing Hinges -A type of standard hinge without a ball bearing or anti-friction type of bearing.  Plain bearing hinges are typically less expensive than ball bearing hinges and have a tendency to squeek over time.
Brass Plain Bearing Hinge

Stainless Steel Hinges- Stainless steel is a common material used in door hinges. Stainless steel hinges are great for outdoor uses including areas where moisture may be present.  Although every door hinge will rust over time, stainless steel hinges stand up to the elements extremely well.  Hinge Outlet carries a variety of stainless steel hinges. 
Stainless Steel Hinge

Gate Hinges - There are a wide variety of gates and hinges.  Most gates are made of wood, metal, or vinyl and require a unique type of hinge for each.  The most common type of quality you want to look for in a hinge is rust and corrosion resistance to stand up to the elements.  We offer a wide variety of gate hinges and hardware in highly rust resistant material like Stainless Steel and Polymer to stand up to the elements.
Gate Spring Hinge

Security Hinges - Security hinges provide the added security of Non-Removable Pins (NRP) also known as riveted pins.  In addition, security features on a hinge can include a security tab.  Both of these features prevent someone from removing the hinges from the door in an attempt to break in. 
Stainless Steel Security Hinge

Spring Hinges -A type of hinge containing one or more springs to move the door into a closed position.  Spring Hinges are also known as Self-Closing Hinges. These hinges are available in a single acting or double acting type.  Spring hinges are common to use anywhere you need your door close.  More States are requiring you to have these hinges on your door from your garage to your house.
Spring Hinge

Wide Throw Hinges - When the width of a hinge is greater than the height, the hinge is considered a “Wide Throw” Hinge.  You can tell in this picture how the width is greater than the height.  Wide throw hinges are used when more clearance or throw is required behind the door when it is opened to 180 degrees.  Basically, the door needs more clearance to clear trims or certain wall conditions.  They are normally used when the doors are set in a wide door jam.

Weld On Hinges - Weld on hinges have no holes in them.  They are meant to be welded on directly to a gate or any other metal surfaces.  Since there are no holes in these hinges, you do not need to worry about using any screws to hold the hinges on.  The weld creates a solid seal with the other mental surface insuring maximum durability of the hinges.  
Weld On Hinges

Parliament Door HingesParliament hinges also known as Wide Throw Hinges can be used on shutters, windows, or doors.  They are "H" shaped that allow for doors and windows to swing clear of the trim and lay flat when opened.
Parliament Door Hinges Wide Throw

Pivot Door Hinges - Pivot Door Hinges are great to use on heavy or high-traffic doors.  They are able to support much heavier doors than the typical butt hinges.  Pivot Hinges are installed at the top of the door frame as well as in the floor.  They are supported by the bottom arm and the floor instead of the door frame which reduces the stress on the frame.  This help to prevent both the door and frame from sagging.
Pivot Door Hinges

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