Door Hinge Wood Screws - Stainless Steel #9 x 2.25'' Size or #9 x 3" - Extra Long

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$ 9.95 

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Our high quality stainless steel hinge screws are perfect to use when replacing existing hinges.  These screws have an exclusive design to drive the hinges in all the way into the wall stud.  These screws also aid in aligning doors if they are not completely straight.  Stainless Steel is built to hold up to the elements and are perfect for the coastal areas

Product Specifications:

  • Screw Type: Flat Head Wood Screw built for Door Hinges
  • Sizes Available: #9 x 2 1/4" with 1 1/2" thread or #9 x 3" with 2 1/4" thread
  • Material: High Quality Stainless Steel

For more information, check out our Blog on why you need extra long hinge screws when replacing hinges.