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What Are the Benefits of Using Continuous Piano Hinges?

Piano hinges are a common part of modern home constructions. Despite having heard the name, many people remain unaware of what a piano hinge is, the benefits that it offers and various applications for them. These details make a lot of difference for homeowners who are looking to construct a new abode or renovate an old one.

Hinges in general have been around for a long time and archaeologists have found traces of their use more than 5,000 years ago. Today, door hinges have undergone significant evolution with a variety of designs, forms, and styles available. Piano hinges are amongst the older types that are still common in construction.

Here’s everything you need to know about continuous piano hinges:

What Are Piano Hinges?

This type of hinge derives its name from piano keys. The continuous arrangement of the levers on a piano resembles the flow and design of piano hinges. They operate on a single pin running throughout the length of the hinge with all the leaves folding on the same side. Interestingly, piano hinges are also used in the construction of these musical instruments but they have other applications as well.

Some of the most common places where continuous piano hinges are used include cabinet doors, fold-down work benches or desks and storage boxes. They provide extra support to the door, window or other furniture pieces to which it might be installed. The design of these hinges makes them versatile especially in some heavy-duty cases.

Benefits of Piano Hinges

Conventional butt hinges are used at regular intervals on a door frame to fix and control their movement. Piano hinges are different because they run across the length of a door or lid creating a more seamless flow of operations. Here are some of the benefits that continuous piano hinges offer in terms of construction and installation:

  • Equal weight distribution:One of the biggest advantages that commercial door piano hinges or normal ones is that they distribute the weight of the door equally throughout its length. This is more efficient and seamless when installing heavier lids or doors during construction,
  • Easy maintenance: Small piano hinges are also available if personal preferences of the homeowner or installation specific requirements demand their use. They are easier to maintain especially when used in smaller sizes,
  • Durability: Since the weight of the door is equally distributed with a piano, they are stronger and more durable. This provides numerous benefits in commercial applications mostly,
  • Security: The aspect of higher durability also highlights another benefit of piano hinges which is added security. Continuous piano hinges like these Stainless Steel ones offer exceptional strength when safety is a concern during installation in a home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much weight is a piano hinge able to bear?

The total weight that a piano hinge can hold varies on the size of the door frame and whether continuous piano hinges or small pieces are installed. A standard 24 Inch Piano Hinge can typically hold about 60 pounds maximum weight providing a spread of 2.5 pounds per 1 inch of hinge.  Typically, a 2-inch plastic piano hinge can bear as much as 100 pounds per linear inch.  So it will really depend on the material.  Make sure to read about the load capacity for each hinge you are considering.

Are piano hinges waterproof?

This characteristic can differ on the basis of manufacturers and their specifications. It is stated in the features of where the hinge is listed for sale. Most piano hinges are water and weather resistant to provide added durability and life.  Stainless steel piano hinges will typically hold up the longest to the elements.

Can continuous hinges be cut to length?

Continuous piano hinges are versatile in that they can be used either as a whole across the door or lid frame and smaller pieces. Piano hinges can be cut to any length that fits the specific door jam in a construction project. These Stainless Steel Continuous Piano Hinges for instance are available in ½ inch width with up to 72 inches of unbroken chain that can be cut according to any specification.  We always recommend purchasing a bit longer length just in case you need that extra.

Are piano hinges heavy duty?

The design of piano hinges allows them to support more weight than traditional hinges. It also makes them more durable. Thus, they are ideal for supporting doors or lids that are used extensively. Commercial door piano hinges can also provide extra support for movement of heavy materials or frequent operations.

These door accessories like Piano Hinges – Stainless Steel – Continuous are available in lengths up to 36 inches and are a great choice for situations that require heavy duty work. These hinges have a variety of commercial applications and are also used for furniture products including boxes for storage and transport that have protective lids.

How to install piano hinges?

Installation of piano hinges is a job that should be entrusted to the professionals. However, if you have prior experience, you can fix them properly. You’ll need the relevant materials like a drill machine, screwdriver and screws to begin with. The most important step is to get accurate measurements for the place where the hinge needs to be installed.

Since there are different types of hinges on the market, you’ll also need to have a proper measurement reading. If you plan to install small piano hinges, you can take these dimensions using a measuring tape. You can pick piano hinges from the collections available at Hinge Outlet. Once you have the relevant hinge, simply measure the screw holes, drill and screw the hinges in place, both on the frame and in your door. 


Piano hinges are popular choices for most construction projects these days. They are available in continuous form or smaller pieces depending on the location and category of use. With prior experience, users can also install these hinges on their own. However, it is important to make sure that basic things like hole measurement and shimming are ideal. A door hanging out of balance can destroy its functionality and overall aesthetics.