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Tips To Take Off A Door Knob With Or Without Screws

Removing a door knob may seem like a tricky project to undertake. However, with the right tips on how to take off door knob, you can complete the project in a matter of minutes. Many doorknobs are held in place by mounting screws that are visible. If you are not able to see any, try checking the neck of the knob for a slot. For doorknobs that do not have any slots, the cover plate may need to be removed which can be found at the back of the knob. Once the cover plate has been removed, the removable mounting screws should be seen.

Tools to Remove Door Knobs

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Hex-head wrench
  • Screwdriver

Removing Door Knobs with Visible Screws

  • Examine the Door for Exposed Screws:Most doors come with 1 to 3 visible screws. They are usually found on the part of the door without the keyhole. Check the top of the cover plate or on the neck of the doorknob for the screws. You may need to push or loosen a buried fastener if you still cannot find the visible screws.
  • Unscrew the Mounting Screws and Remove the Knobs: Once you have found the exposed screws, make use of a screwdriver to remove them. A screwdriver that matches the head of the screw is the best tool. Insert it and rotate counterclockwise. Once the mounting screws have been removed, you can easily take off the knobs and levers with ease. Pull the knobs in the opposite direction and they will slip out. Don't forget to replace any lost screws.
  • Work on the Latch Mechanism: If installing a new knob, take out the whole latch mechanism. Look for the screws that hold the latch plate in place. Use a screwdriver and remove the screws. Once the plate has been removed, it can easily come off from the side of the door.

Removing Door Knobs Without Visible Screws

  • Find Hidden Slot:Since the screws are hidden, you need to check the knob’s neck and search for a tiny hole. Once you have found it, unscrew a tiny screw or hit a button. This will cause the handle to come loose. Some models may make it tougher for you to find a screw head. You may try using a paper clip or any other tool and insert it into the hole. As you insert it, carefully pull on the doorknob.
  • Take Out Hidden Screws: Use a compatible screwdriver to loosen the screws in a counterclockwise movement. Once the handle has come loose, pull it out from the door. If the knob still feels stuck, pry out the cover plate where the screws are mounted. An Allen wrench is most suitable to remove hex-head screws. Make sure to use the right size that can easily pass through the hole.

Removing door knobs with or without screws can be an easy process if you know the right steps. We hope our post helps you undertake the project with ease for easy replacement.

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