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Tips On How to Remove Rust from Door Hinges

Metal doors are highly durable, making them the perfect kind of doors for withstanding the test of time. However, like any other metal surface, metal doors can rust over time. Not only does rust look bad, but it can also impair the functionality of your metal door. Here at Hinge Outlet, we have several useful tips for removing rust from door hinges so you can enjoy your doors for even longer.

Why is there Rust on my Door Hinges? 

If you’ve found yourself asking, “Why is my door rusting?” you’re not alone. Plenty of people experience rust on their doors and door hinges. There may be several reasons you’re noticing rust on your doors, some of which include:

  • The iron in a metal door is exposed to moisture, oxygen, and other elements
  • Harsh weather conditions over time
  • A poor paint job when the door was initially installed 

What to do When Your Door Hinges Have Rust 

Once rust has started to appear on your door or your door’s hinges, it’s important to remove it as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and causing additional damage to the rest of the door. Below are some simple steps that you can take to remove door rust:

  • Scrape Rust from the Door: Use of a wire brush to carefully scrape the rust off the door and its hinges. Fair warning: it’s likely that you’ll remove some paint during the process. Try not to apply too much pressure to avoid leaving scratches on the surface of your metal door.
  • Sanding the Surface of the Door: If the rust is still visible after scraping, use of a piece of sandpaper to sand off the rusty surface. Move in a circular motion and remove any dirt and dust with a soft brush.
  • Applying Vinegar to Remove Rust: Dip a sponge in vinegar and dab it onto any rust that may be left behind. Let the vinegar settle for at least 30 minutes. If needed, you can apply more vinegar to the affected areas.
  • Applying Baking Soda to Remove Rust: After you’ve applied vinegar to the rusted areas, the next step is to use baking soda to further eliminate any lingering traces of rust. Make a paste composed of baking soda and water and apply the paste onto the affected areas. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then clean it off with a soft cloth.
  • Washing Your Door After Rust Removal: Following the steps above should help eliminate rust from your door and/or door hinges. The next part of de-rusting door hinges is to wash the surface of the door. Simply mix basic dish detergent with a little bit of water. Rinse the mixture thoroughly afterward and wipe the door clean with a dry towel. 
  • Sealing the Door After Removing Rust:After you’ve cleaned and dried the surface of your door, the next step is to apply a rust sealant to prevent it from rusting again in the future. Apply the rust sealant to the entire door to protect all of its surfaces.
  • Painting the Door After Rust Removal: If you decide to re-paint the metal door surface, make sure you wait a few days to ensure that the rust sealant has completely dried. Paint the affected areas or the whole metal door depending on your personal preferences.

Replacing Rusty Doors and Hinges

Unfortunately, there will be cases in which rust removal simply won’t do. In these situations, it may be necessary to replace your doors and hinges. Not sure what type of hinge to get? Hinge Outlet has an entire library of resources to help you out. At Hinge Outlet, Inc. we make it easy for you to replace rusty doors and/or hinges yourself. We have a wide range of door hinges, pulls, knobs, and so much more. View our catalog or get in touch with us for any assistance. 

Once you’ve replaced your stainless steel hinges, you’ll need a way to protect them. Lucky for you, we’ve thought of that. Our Stainless Steel Polish Protectant is designed specifically for that purpose. Then for routine cleaning, we suggest using our Stainless Steel Hinge Cleaner with the Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Set yourself up with this kit and you’ll be good to go.

Buy Top-Quality Door Hinges from Hinge Outlet, Inc. Today

Need hinge replacements for your doors or cabinets? Hinge Outlet has it all. We provide free shipping on all orders over $100. Ordered the wrong finish or size? Not a problem. We’ll exchange or refund your product to make sure you’re completely satisfied. 

For any questions about our door hinges, feel free tocontact us today.