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Selecting European Hinges

Hinges come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each of these is suited for different purposes. European or “blum” hinges stand out because they are a great choice for cabinetry. Let’s examine the different types of European hinges and their applications.

What are European Hinges?

European or blum hinges are a special type of concealed hinge used specifically for cabinets. Such hinges are hidden from view when the cabinet door is in its closed position. This offers the cabinet a neater look that is aesthetically pleasing.

The average European hinge consists of two mounting plates connected by a sturdy arm. One of these mounting plates features a cup-like portion that is installed in a hole bored into the cabinet door’s back side. The other mounting  plate is installed onto the cabinet box’s interior portion. Depending on the cabinet door’s size and weight, a single cabinet could require two or three European hinges.

Advantages of European Hinges

Many people choose European hinges for their cabinets due to the numerous advantages these hinges offer over other hinge types. This includes:


European hinges can be cheaper than other hinge types such as butterfly hinges because they use less metal. This is thanks to their compact design that offers study support for cabinet doors, but without compromising on stability.

Easy to Clean

The “concealed” aspect of European hinges also makes maintenance less time consuming. These hinges are not exposed to dust or moisture from the surrounding environment in their closed position. This means they are less likely to collect dirt or grime that would require cleaning.


One of the hurdles surrounding the hinge selection process is dealing with the natural expansion and contraction of wood. It’s not uncommon for the wood in cabinets to expand or contract by a few millimeters due to environment and temperature exposure during the year. Such changes are too small to see on the cabinet itself. However, it may affect the hinge’s alignment, and make opening and closing the cabinet door harder.

European hinges work around this issue thanks to their adjustability. You can realign your cabinet door by unscrewing the interior plate and moving it up or down as needed. Turning the hinge’s center screw also allows you to adjust its position horizontally.

Types of European Hinges

There are many types of European hinges available today. These are suited for different types of cabinets or installation types.

Compact Blumotion Hinges

European hinges are concealed in their closed position and are less likely to get dirty.

Compact Blumotion hinges are concealed face-frame hinges that are integrated with Blumotion. Such hinges “catch” the cabinet door when it is a few inches away from closing and shut them softly. This design is useful for cabinets that store fragile items because the hinge stops the door from slamming shut.

These hinges are rated to open and close around 200,000 times, so they are likely to last a very long time. They are the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets containing valuable crockery or other items

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Hinges Half-Overlay

European hinges can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate wood expansion and contraction.

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Hinges are another type of hinge that features soft-closing thanks to Blumotion integration. These hinges are known for their precise movement and are designed to fit into compact spaces.

Their half-overlay design is ideal for pairs of cabinet doors where the hinges are mounted on the side opposite to their shared middle partition. The Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Hinges we offer at Hinge Outlet come with a spring-closing mechanism to make closing your cabinet easier.

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Cabinet Hinges - Full Overlay

European hinges are used in many countries around the globe.

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Cabinet Hinges - Full Overlay offer many of the same characteristics and benefits as their half-overlay counterpart mentioned above. However, their full overlay design means they have a straight arm. This arm design creates a larger offset compared to other hinge styles. The main benefit of a full overlay European hinge is that it allows the cabinet door to completely overlay the cabinet’s frame box.

Where to Find High Quality European Hinges?

If you are looking for high quality European hinges that you can rely on, please visit The Hinge Outlet. We offer a wide selection of European hinges of different types. Check out our European hinge selection at our website.

Each of our hinges is handpicked from reliable suppliers and is rated to last for several years. We choose designs that are easy to install and always prioritize quality in each of our selections. Please get in touch with us to learn more about the hinges we offer. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our experts to learn more about choosing the right European hinges for your project.