Hinge Outlet Launches YouTube Channel

Hinge Outlet, the leading online provider of door hinges for more than a decade, recently launched a YouTube channel that will host a variety of videos showcasing door hinge types, product specifics, functionality, and more.

“As our business has grown, we’ve kind of unintentionally become a resource library for businesses, property managers, and homeowners as they select door hinges for their commercial, retail, and residential spaces,” says Tony Baumann, president of Hinge Outlet, Inc. “It seemed like a natural next step to assemble our industry knowledge and share it with informational videos about the various door hinges we offer.”

Viewers can subscribe to the Hinge Outlet channel by visiting the channel here: Hinge Outlet YouTube Channel. One of Hinge Outlet’s new product videos showcases their line of Double Action Door Hinges. Double action door hinges allow a door to swing in both directions. You’ve likely seen a double action door hinge in action on café and saloon style doors.

The short video demonstrates the superior quality of the “capstan” in a Hinge Outlet double action door hinge. The capstan is the piece that holds the tension pin on a double action hinge, and is most commonly the portion of the double action door hinge that malfunctions if you have a hinge of inferior quality. Watch Hinge Outlet’s Double Action Door Hinge video now.

“Having this online video library as a resource for our customers is just another demonstration of our commitment to a superior door hinge shopping experience,” continues Baumann. “We’ll continue to produce resources for our customers as they request them, and look forward to their input and feedback!”

For more than a decade, Hinge Outlet has delivered the highest quality door hinges at the best possible prices. We offer the largest selection of door hinges online, as well as door accessories like wood screws, door hinge stops, ball catches, flush bolts, and more. In addition to our premium product offering from the leading door hinge manufacturers, HingeOutlet.com manufactures a custom line of door hinge products. Join our mailing list to be the first to learn about new product offerings and gain VIP access to sales and special offers.

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