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Bullet Hinges - Purpose and Uses of Bullet Hinges

What Are Bullet Hinges?

Also referred to as weld on hinges, lift off hinges, and barrel hinges, bullet hingesprovide users an attractive yet compact and strong method to attach metal doors with metal frames. These hinges come in quite handy for enclosures, gates, tool cabinets, agricultural purposes, electrical purposes, and are perfect for several other industrial as well as residential applications.

Bullet hinges are often available in aluminumand stainless steel with brass, steel, stainless steel pins, with grease fittings as well as without grease fittings. Furthermore, they are available in various sizes to make sure that the user can fit them according to their requirements and convenience.

What Are Bullet Hinges Ideal for?

Barrel or bullet hinges are an excellent solution for people who have to deal with limited welding space on their frames or doors. In cases like these, using broad leaf hinges seldom works out. On the other hand, bullet hinges also offer a cleaner appearance no matter where you plan to apply them. The cleaner appearance is a major reason why so many people prefer bullet hinges over other hinge types.

What Does a Bullet Hinge Consist of?

Bullet hinges or weld on hinges consist three main parts. These parts are: the leaf side (also known as female), the pin side (also known as male), and a brush that stands between two halves. Bullet hinges that are made out of steel come along with brass brushing. Aluminum bullet hinges, and stainless steel bullet hinges on the other hand are mostly provided with grease fittings. In most cases, the grease fittings are optional.

The bullet hinge stock that we have at our disposal consists of different sizes that range from 1.5-‘’ to 10’’ for plain steel, while for aluminum and stainless steel we have 1.5’’ to 8’’. These sizes perfectly correspond with hinge lengths and will not cause any issue when you weld them. You can use barrel or bullet hinges for non-removable as well as lift off applications for doors.

In lift off applications, both the hinges are aligned with pins that point at the same direction. In non-removable applications on the other hand the hinges fall in line with the pins which point towards each other. So, whether you need two pieces or thousands of them, the vast inventory that we have will be more than sufficient for your bullet hinge needs.

Bullet Hinges Offer a Functional Solution

As discussed earlier, the use of bullet hinges is not just restricted for industrial applications, industries like electronics, construction, shipping, automotive, and marines also find them quite useful. These hinges also come in handy for cabs, boats, trailers, and truck bodies, traffic light controls, etc. Security gates, cab enclosures, toolboxes, fishing equipment, and barbecue pits. Bullet hinges are typically made by using aluminum and steel alloys, brass, low carbon steel, zinc plated iron, regular iron, and stainless steel. No matter which kind of bullet hinge material you prefer, it is capable of withstanding substantial loads. On top of that, these hinges are also perfect for narrow frames.

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to traditional hinge types a heavy duty bullet hinge will prove to be a perfect choice.

What Makes Bullet Hinges So Functional

Bullet hinges are particularly created as two halves that users can directly weld them separately on their desired surfaces. As mentioned earlier, these halves are known as the female and male barrels. It is a major reason why bullet hinges are also known as barrel or weld on hinges. The barrel that consists of the pin is the male barrel while the barrel that doesn’t have any pin is known as the female barrel.  Female barrels are weld on surfaces like doors. Male barrels on the other hand are weld on structural areas like door frames.

Since majority of the doors that utilize bullet hinges tend to be lift-off doors, the barrel without the pin must go on top. The reason behind it is that most lift off doors usually drop, this means that it is necessary for bottom barrels to have excellent load bearing qualities. A major advantage that lift-off doors offer to the user is that you can lift them off the hinges whenever you want. There is no need to unscrew each hinge.

The Best Bullet Hinge Materials

Although we have discussed several materials that bullet hinges are available in, mentioned below are the best bullet hinge materials out there:

Most people prefer using these hinges because of how robust they are and how long they last. Plus, they do no accumulate too much dirt in comparison to other hinge types.  Therefore, choosing any of these bullet hinge materials will add a clean appearance wherever you plan to install them.

Stainless Steel Bullet Hinges

We have excellent stainless steel bullet hinges in our inventory. These pins offer extra durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Medical, marine, food service, and several other outdoor markets can benefit from stainless steel bullet hinges. They offer a secure connection and provide a clean and smooth appearance.

Steel Bullet Hinges

We also provide bullet hinges made from nothing but plain and pure steel. Steel hinges, although sound quite ordinary, but are quite strong and durable. They are also an excellent cost effective solution that also offers excellent corrosion resistance. If you want a secure and safe door connection while making sure that you can remove your door with ease, go for steel bullet hinges.

Aluminum Bullet Hinges

If you want your bullet hinge to be strong and durable yet light in weight, choose aluminum bullet hinges. Just like the hinges mentioned above, their corrosion resistance is excellent for the harsh environments outside. Aluminum bullet hinge offer secure connection and a smooth, clean, and sleek appearance. You can use this bullet hinge type on safes, doors, gates, safety containers, tool boxes, metal cabinets, cab enclosures and several other things.

Are Bullet Hinges Worth the Hype?

Of course! Adding bullet hinges on your doors will improve its functionality and appearance by tenfold. Our vast range of high quality bullet hinges last long and ensure that you do not need to maintain your doors time and time again.