What is a Clip Top Hinge?

What is a Clip Top Hinge?

As a home owner or commercial business owner, you want the look and feel of your living and working space to look its best. Starting in the kitchen is always best because in many residences, the kitchen is the most popular gathering area. Paying close attention small details such as cabinet door hinges may not be at the top of your list, but it should be. Without durable and efficient hinges for cabinets, your kitchen cabinets won’t operate as needed.

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing cabinet door hinges from Hinge Outlet. However, we’d like to spotlight the benefits of clip top hinges and Blum cabinet hinges as the ultimate way to outfit your kitchen cabinets this year.

What are Clip Top Hinges?

Simply put, Blum clip top hinges are concealed cabinet hinges for the doors. As an aesthetically-pleasing way to dress up a kitchen remodel or design, concealed cabinet hinges cannot be seen from the outer portion of the cabinet door. As the industry standard, concealed cabinet hinges have gained popularity because they are easy to install and remove.

The benefits of Blum Clip Top Hinges are many, but here are just a few reasons why you may want to add these cabinet door hinges to your kitchen’s design. Clip top hinges offer:

  • A spiral-tech depth adjustment, which means when installing, adjusting or removing, you can utilize the three-dimensional variable.
  • Beyond 6-way independent adjustability, Blum clip top hinges are concealed cabinet hinges to enhance the look of the exterior of your kitchen cabinets.
  • A choice of several designs and models that offer innovation when installing new concealed cabinet hinges.
  • The Blum brand name that prides itself on manufacturing of cabinet door hinges that stems from rigorous research and testing.

Types of Blum Clip Top Hinges

At Hinge Outlet, we strive to provide you with the best selection of cabinet door hinges. Here are just a few of those choices: 

Clip Top Blumotion Concealed Cabinet Hinges: With a full overlay and 110-degree opening, these Blum clip top hinges feature precise movement and silent, effortless closing. The elegant design and compelling technology produce a stylish body, durable cabinet hinges and a solution for small spaces.

Clip Top Concealed Cabinet Hinges: Designed for Bi-Fold Doors, these concealed cabinet hinges feature a 60-degree opening and a durable spring closing. Perfect for frameless doors, these Blum clip top cabinet hinges are concealed and perfect for kitchen cabinets with frequent use.

You have choices when it comes to choosing the perfect cabinet door hinges and Hinge Outlet is here to help. Whether you prefer high-quality Blum cabinet hinges, Blum soft-close hinges or concealed cabinet hinges, know that you can find all of the above at the Hinge Outlet. With a large selection of cabinet hinges, door hinges and furniture hinges at unbeatable prices, it makes sense to make Hinge Outlet your go-to supplier of all things hinges. 

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