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Storage Beds: Saving Space With Wall Beds and Hydraulic Lift Beds

In the quest for more living space within the confines of your cozy home, furniture that doubles up in functionality is a prime find. Storage beds, with their dual promise of comfort and storage, have become a staple in modern homes. They are not just a place to rest but also a smart solution to declutter and organize. 

Whether in a studio apartment or a spacious home, storage beds can transform your living space. Let's discover howwall beds andhydraulic lift beds can redefine your space.

Types of Storage Beds

Storage beds are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping area while also offering built-in storage compartments. These can range from drawers and shelves to hidden lifting mechanisms. The best space-saving beds are wall beds and hydraulic lift beds.

What Are Wall Beds?

Wall beds,commonly known as Murphy beds, are hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall or inside a cabinet. Murphy bed cabinets also offer additional storage and can be designed to blend with the room's decor.

What Are Hydraulic Lift Beds?

Hydraulic lift beds feature a lifting mechanism that raises the mattress, revealing a storage compartment underneath. This design is instrumental in twin storage beds, making it easier to access the storage without moving a heavy mattress.

How Do I Choose a Storage Bed?

A queen-sized hydraulic bed lifted to show pillows stored underneath.

Selecting the perfect storage bed balances form and function while ensuring it fits seamlessly into your living space. Here’s how to choose one that not only meets your storage needs but also complements your home's aesthetics.

Assessing Your Space

Before falling in love with a particular storage bed, look hard at your room. Measure the available space, not just for the bed itself but for any additional features it may have, like drawers that pull out or a bed that folds down from the wall. 

Remember to account for walking space and other furniture pieces. A bed that's too large can overwhelm a room, while one that's too small may not meet your storage needs.

Matching with Your Lifestyle

Your bed should align with your lifestyle. If you love minimalism and clean spaces, a hydraulic lift bed with hidden storage might be ideal. For those who appreciate easy access and visibility to their belongings, wall beds with built-in drawers or shelves could be the way to go.

Which Type of Storage Bed is Best?

The best type of storage bed varies from person to person. Think about what you'll be storing in the bed. Are you looking to stow away seasonal clothing, spare bedding, or bulky items? Do you need easy access to books and daily wear? 

  • For the space-savers: A Murphy bed with storage underneath can free up floor space.
  • For the heavy storers: A hydraulic lift bed can handle weightier items without you having to lift a mattress.

Is a Bed with Storage Worth It?

Absolutely. In today's world, where efficiency and smart living are valued, a bed with storage is a wise investment. One of the mainbenefits of storage beds is the eliminated need for additional furniture like dressers and shelves, freeing up space and reducing clutter.

Size Recommendations

Twin Storage Beds

For children's rooms, dorms, or small guest rooms, twin storage beds are a compact solution with generous storage capabilities. When shopping for a twin size, consider models with built-in drawers on one or both sides or at the foot of the bed. These can be perfect for storing books, toys, or seasonal clothing. 

For even more efficiency, a twin lift-up bed can make accessing belongings a breeze, especially in tight spaces where drawers may be cumbersome to open. Some twin beds also come with headboard storage, which is excellent for keeping bedtime essentials within arm's reach.

Queen Storage Beds

Queen storage beds are a versatile choice, fitting well into most adult bedrooms. They offer a comfortable amount of sleeping space along with various storage configurations. Look for queen beds with under-bed drawers that can hold bedding, clothes, and even suitcases. 

Hydraulic lift queen beds are also available, providing a sizeable hidden space for less frequently used items like winter coats or extra pillows. For a more aesthetic appeal, consider a queen bed with a bookcase headboard, adding character and storage space for books and decor.

King Storage Beds

King storage beds are the pinnacle of bedroom luxury, offering expansive sleeping space and ample storage. They are instrumental in master bedrooms where the bed can be the focal point. 

King beds with storage often feature extensive under-bed drawers or compartments, which can store a wide range of items, from linens to shoes. For those who prefer a cleaner look, opt for a king-size bed with a hydraulic lift system, which offers a vast, out-of-sight storage area beneath the mattress. This is also a practical solution for storing bulky items like luggage or seasonal sports equipment.

Multifunctional Storage Solutions

A wall bed is the ideal office bed.

These beds are not just about saving space; they're about enhancing functionality and versatility within your home. These ingenious pieces of furniture can serve multiple purposes, adapting to your lifestyle and changing needs.

Office Beds

A space-saving bed can be a game-changer for in-home offices. A twin Murphy bed, for instance, can be folded up to create an open area for daily work and then lowered to accommodate overnight guests. Some Murphy beds come with built-in desks that fold down when the bed is not in use, offering a seamless transition from bedroom to workspace.

Living Room Hideaways

Consider a sofa Murphy bed for your living room or den. These beds are cleverly concealed behind or within a couch, providing a place to sit during the day and a comfortable bed at night. This is ideal for studio apartments or those who frequently host friends and family.

Guest Room Essentials

Transform your guest room with a queen or king bed with a bookcase headboard or side shelves. This not only provides your guests with a comfortable place to sleep but also offers them space to store their belongings, keeping the room tidy and welcoming.

Final Thoughts

Whether opting for a twin, queen, or king-sized bed, you can never go wrong with a storage bed. Shop Hinge Outlet’s collection ofwall bed andhydraulic lift bed mechanisms, and start saving space today!