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Fire Door Hinges: What Hinges Can Be Used on Fire-Rated Doors?

Fire-rated doors are vital in the design of safe buildings, providing critical protection in the event of a fire by impeding the spread of flames and smoke. With fire safety, every detail counts, including the hinges used.

Whilefire door hinges may seem minor, they are a critical component of fire-rated doors designed to save lives and property in a fire.

Why Fire Door Hinges Matter

Photo of a concealed fire door hinge.

Fire-rated doors serve as a formidable barrier against the spread of fire and smoke, but their effectiveness relies heavily on the small yet mighty components known as fire door hinges. These specialized hinges are engineered to meet the demands of fire-rated doors, ensuring that the door operates correctly under extreme conditions.

How Do Fire Door Hinges Work?

Understandinghow fire door hinges work is key to appreciating their role in fire safety. These hinges are constructed from materials that can withstand high temperatures and maintain strength and functionality during a fire. This resilience allows the door to stay in place, preventing the passage of dangerous elements from one section of a building to another.

Do Fire Doors Need Special Hinges? 

Yes, fire doors need special hinges that are engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures of a fire and maintain their structural integrity. This aspect is vital since hinge failure would result in the door's inability to contain fire and smoke, nullifying its function and possibly causing increased damage.

Fire Door Hinges From Hinge Outlet

Small photos of the 12 finishes available for Hinge Outlet's fire door hinges.

Selecting the right hinges for fire-rated doors goes beyond just complying with building regulations; it's about safeguarding the people inside during a fire. There are numerous hinges available on the market that are compatible with fire doors, each tailored to fulfill various standards and criteria.

Hinge Outlet sells the following fire door hinges:

All hinges are single-action and open 180° with a fire rating of 20 minutes. Install one hinge for every 60 pounds of door weight.

Installation and Maintenance

A graphic showing the parts of a concealed fire door hinge

Correctlyinstalling fire door hinges is as vital as the product's quality. A hinge that is not installed correctly can compromise the door's function, negating its fire-resistant properties. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines or to engage with professionals who are experienced in installing fire safety equipment.

Regular inspection andmaintenance of fire door hardware is also vital in ensuring fire door hinges remain in optimal working condition. Over time, even the sturdiest hinges can suffer from wear and tear, potentially impacting their performance when it matters most. 

Scheduled checks and maintenance work are not just recommended practices; in many cases, they are part of regulatory compliance to maintain the integrity of fire-rated doors.

Final Thoughts

Fire door hinges are an essential component in the efficacy of fire-rated doors, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and maintain door functionality during a fire. Shop Hinge Outlet’sfire-rated door hinges today and improve your home’s safety.