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How to Choose the Right Door Stopper

Choosing a door stop for your home or business may seem easy, but when tasked with the choice, you’ll soon realize that you have a variety of options that can make this seemingly easy task a bit more complex.

However, Hinge Outlet is here to help you make the best choice.

We strive to provide the highest quality door stoppers, door hinges and more for our valued customers seeking door hardware for residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Whether you want to add a stylish accent to your home or business or looking to explore door stop types, let us showcase the options available.

How to Choose the Best Door Stopper

Primarily, the purpose of a door stopper is to eliminate any damage to the adjoining wall next to your door. But, what many people don’t realize is that door stoppers can also add an aesthetic look to any room while also keeping your doors ajar. Enhance security in your home with security door stoppers that keep intruders away and out of your exterior doors, too. Find the ultimate door stopper that serves a practical purpose, a security purpose or a decorative purpose by browsing the following options:

Baseboard Doorstop: When most people think of door stoppers, they are probably envisioning a baseboard doorstop. This type of door stopper features a rubber tip and hence the name, is installed directly into the baseboard behind the door. Most of these types of door stoppers feature a spring-like construction that is flexible enough to stop the door and bounce it back a bit.  However, they are also available in a rigid door stop style as well.

Spring Door Stops: Similar to baseboard door stoppers, spring door stops, use a spring mechanism to keep the door from banging against the wall, resulting in a bounce back if individuals attempt to close the door too harshly. Spring door stops can be installed on the baseboards or the wall to reduce the potential of damage to your home or business.

Magnetic Doorstop:The magnetic doorstop is one of the most versatile types of door stoppers because it can be mounted on your floor or baseboard to prevent damage on your walls. The powerful magnetic power holds the door open and prevents your doors from banging into the adjoining wall. This type of decorative door stopper is often found in a variety of finishes to add more of an aesthetic look to your home or business.

Hinge Pin Doorstop: As one of the most practical types of door stoppers, the hinge pin doorstop is installed at the hinge of the door and does not require you to install any door hardware into the baseboard or adjoining wall. Known as one of the most discreet types of door stoppers, the hinge pin doorstop does serve a valuable purpose, but it is not always the most decorative type of door stopper.

Wall-Bumper Doorstop:
Just like a baseboard doorstop is installed to bounce the door back a bit when swung hard, the wall-bumper doorstop serves the same purpose with a different twist. Wall-bumper doorstops are installed higher on the wall, ideally where the doorknob meets the wall to prevent damage to the wall next to your door.


Floor-Mounted Doorstop:The main purpose of a door stopper is to protect your walls from damage. The floor-mounted doorstop does just that, but it does require some space on the floor adjoining the door. Simply install this type of door stopper into the floor versus the baseboard. Be careful, though, that the door stopper that extends vertically is not placed too far from the wall because it could serve as a tripping hazard.

Hook Doorstop: Offering twice the amount of prevention as most doorstops, the hook doorstop is installed into the floor with an additional eyelet installed directly on the bottom of your door. This type of door stop is ideal for doors that you need to prop open for long periods of time. In some cases, it is also similar to the magnetic doorstop because it serves two functions.


Sliding Door Stopper: You also have options to accommodate sliding doors or pocket doors. Sliding door stoppers are typically concealed and wall mounted to reduce the shock of a sliding door closing. These types of door stoppers are also commonly used on cabinet doors.

Security Door Stoppers: When you want to safeguard exterior doors, a security door stopper is the best choice. These door stopper types block the door from opening from the outside. Some security door stops utilize a magnetic mechanism while others feature a cast iron or rubber construction. Security door stoppers can be used on front doors or side and kitchen exterior doors.


Kick-Down Doorstop: The primary function of this type of door stop is to keep prevent doors from opening too far. Installed only into your door, the kick-down doorstop allows you to manually activate the kick stop when you need to prop the door open. This is a common type of doorstop for commercial and industrial business spaces. Know, though, that the kick-stop doorstop does not serve as a mechanism to protect the wall from damage.


Rubber Wedge Doorstop:The benefit of having a wedge doorstop is that you don’t have to install any door hardware or mechanisms to the baseboards or the wall. This stand-alone doorstop is often crafted from durable rubber and slides directly under the door to keep it open for a brief amount of time.

Cast Iron Doorstop:If you want to add a rustic look to your home décor and protect your walls from damage, opt for a cast iron doorstop that features a durable construction and a practical solution to keeping doors from banging into the walls.

Door Chocks:  Although technically not a door stopper, door chocks provide a great alternative for holding your doors open.  They work great for hanging on a door hinge and keeping a door from slamming.  The FatIvan Door Chock as shown in the image has many additional features which work well for Emergency Personnel including Firefighters and Paramedics.


With so many choices from Hinge Outlet, it’s easy to find the exact door stop you’ve been looking for. Hinge Outlet is also your one-stop resource for cabinet and kitchen hinges, as well as door hinges and door hardware in a variety of finishes. Check out our expansive collection of door stoppers and more at Hinge Outlet.