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A Guide to Mounting Hinges

The humble hinge helps us greatly in our day-to-day lives. These mini contraptions keep our cabinets, doors, and gates functioning smoothly. They are expected to bear heavy weights and perform flawlessly for many years. This makes it vital for homeowners to mount their hinges properly. This guide will go through the mounting process for different hinge types.

Hinge Mounting Styles

We will look at three different hinge mounting styles in this guide. These are:

  • Full-mortise installations
  • Half-mortise installations
  • Full-surface mounting

Full-Mortise Installations

Full-mortise installations are hinge installations where one hinge leaf is cut into the door's jamb while the other is cut into the door's edge. Many people prefer full-mortise hinges for their clean and discreet look. They also offer a tighter fit between the door and the frame.

The instructions for mounting full-mortise hinges are shown below.

Step 1

The first step is to measure the hinge width. This measurement should be from the knuckle center outwards until the hinge edge. You should then subtract approximately 1/32 inch from the measured length.

Step 2

Next, use a pencil to make marks to the door frame edge. After this, you should place your hinge’s long edge up against these marks. This will help ensure your hinge is installed in the right position.

Step 3

Next, measure the hinge flange’s thickness. Be sure to mark flange depth on the door stile’s inside face.

Step 4

After the pencil marks have been added, you can score them using a utility knife or a similar tool. You can use a combination square to help guide your cutting tool and achieve straight score lines. This step should not be rushed as well-made score lines offer a better mortise mount.

Step 5

Next, remove the waste from the mortise outline. This can be accomplished using a bevel-edged chisel. You should ensure your chisel tool is sharp before attempting this. Using a dull chisel will make the waste removal process harder and increase the odds of a mistake or injury occurring.

Start by making your scored lines deeper until reaching your desired depth. Next, create a series of cuts perpendicular to your hinge mortise. These should be approximately 1/8” apart. Next turn your chisel carefully and push out the scored pieces. Once each waste piece has been removed, you can clean up the mortise face using your chisel tool.

Then place the hinge into the freshly created mortise, ensuring that it is flush with the wood face.

Step 6

Once the hinge is in position, you can use a hammer and nails to create tiny pilot holes in the hinge hole spaces. Next, insert a drill bit into an electric power drill and drill pilot holes for your screws. Then you can position your mortise correctly and drive screws into each hole using a screwdriver.

Step 7

Next, hold your door in place against its frame. Since the hinge is now installed to half of your setup you can mark locations on the opposite surface and repeat the scoring and drilling process. Once the hinge installation is complete, you can visually inspect your door as you swing it open or closed. The door’s movement action needs to be smooth while laying flat against the newly installed assembly.

Half-Mortise Installations

Half mortise hinges are those where one leaf is mortised to the door jamb while the other leaf is mounted to the door’s surface. The installation process for a half-mortise hinge closely follows that of the installation process for a full mortise hinge

Full-Surface Mounting

Full surface hinges are those where both leaves are used. One leaf is installed onto the door while the other is attached to the door frame. These hinges are used less commonly, and are still visible when the door is closed. The installation process for full-surface mounting hinges is similar to the installation process for full mortise hinges.

Where to find High Quality Hinges?

If you are looking for high quality hinges that will last you for many years, please visit Hinge Outlet. We offer a wide variety of hinges with different mounting configurations, such as:

Our experts are well versed with different types of hinges, and can help you choose the perfect one for your upcoming project. Please get in touch with us to learn more about the hinge types we offer and for assistance with installing hinges.