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Waterson Hinges: The Ultimate in Door Hardware, Now at Hinge Outlet

At Hinge Outlet, we've always been dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality products and offering them at the most affordable prices. With over 16 years of experience and a passion that has driven our family-owned and operated business, we're excited to introduce a new addition to our collection: Waterson hinges!

Why Choose Waterson Hinges?

Waterson hinges offer swing and latch speed support.

Since 1979, Waterson Corporation has sculpted a legacy in the investment casting business, earning over 100 utility patents and establishing a name synonymous with precision, durability, and high-quality stainless steel manufacturing.

The introduction of Waterson hinges, which uniquely adjust both closing and latching speeds, guarantees doors close smoothly without slamming, marking a significant advancement in the realm of door hardware. Here’s whyWaterson self-closing spring hinges stand out:

Minimal Design

Aesthetic Appeal: Waterson hinges are crafted with a minimalistic design that effortlessly blends with various architectural styles so that the hardware does not overshadow the space's overall aesthetic.

Subtle Integration: Their subtle and sleek appearance allows them to integrate seamlessly into any setting, whether residential or commercial, without being obtrusive or detracting from the design elements.

Interior and Exterior Longevity

Stainless Steel Excellence: The use of high-quality stainless steel not only provides a polished look but also promises resistance to corrosion and wear, promising long-term functionality.

Enduring Performance: Whether installed indoors or outdoors, Waterson hinges are designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance and maintaining aesthetic appeal over time.

Multiple Applications

Versatility in Use: From commercial fire-rated doors in bustling enterprises to frameless glass doors in modern homes, Waterson hinges are versatile enough to be applied in various contexts.

Global Presence: Their universal design and functionality have paved the way for international usage, finding applications from New York to Singapore to Dubai and beyond.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

User-Friendly: Waterson hinges are designed withuser-friendly installation processes, making them accessible to professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Low Upkeep: Being low maintenance means they continue to function optimally without requiring frequent adjustments or replacements, making them a practical choice for all door types.

UL-listed and ADA-compliant

Waterson hinges are UL-listed and ADA compliant.

Safety Assurance: Waterson hinges areUL-listed and adhere to required safety standards. They are reliable and have been tested to meet specific benchmarks.

Accessibility for All: ADA compliance means that doors equipped with Waterson hinges are accessible, providing ease of use for individuals with disabilities and ensuring that the installations align with accessibility standards.

Safety Assurance: Waterson hinges are fire-rated, ensuring they adhere to safety regulations. It can be used in settings where fire safety is paramount, such as commercial buildings and residential complexes.

Waterson Hinges: A Versatile Substitute

In the realm of door hardware, various solutions have been devised to cater to the specific needs and challenges of door installation and management. Waterson hinges emerge as a versatile substitute, providing a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, which can be particularly advantageous in specific applications compared to traditional options.

Substitute For Overhead Closer

Aesthetic Superiority: Unlike the often bulky and visibly prominent overhead closers, Waterson hinges offer a sleek and almost invisible solution, preserving the visual integrity of the door and surrounding architecture.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: The installation of Waterson hinges is straightforward and does not require extensive modifications to the door or frame, making them a more convenient option. Furthermore, their maintenance is minimal, providing long-term functionality without regular interventions.

Substitute For In-Floor Closer

Effortless Operation: Waterson hinges are engineered to provide smooth door operations with an opening force of fewer than 5 lbs., keeping doors easily accessible and ADA-compliant.

Simplified Installation: Unlike in-floor closers that require substantial alterations to the floor, Waterson hinges can be installed with ease, reducing labor and installation costs and making them a practical alternative, especially for retrofit applications.

Substitute For Traditional Hinges

Advanced Closing and Latching: Traditional hinges cannot control doors' closing and latching speeds. With their unique feature of adjustable closing and latching speed, Waterson hinges keep doors closing smoothly and securely without slamming, enhancing safety and reducing wear on the hardware.

Enhanced User Experience: The ability to control the door’s closing speed significantly improves the user experience, especially in environments where silent and smooth door operations are crucial, such as in offices, hospitals, and residential areas.


It’s important to note that while Waterson hinges offer many advantages and can be utilized in various applications, there are specific scenarios where the unique capabilities of overhead or in-floor closers might be necessitated. Waterson hinges do not seek to replace these options but rather present an alternative.

Why Are Waterson Hinges Expensive?

Waterson hinges are a long-term investment in your spaces' seamless functionality and aesthetic coherence. While the initial investment might seem substantial, the many benefits and unparalleled quality they bring justify the price. Here’s a deeper look into the elements that substantiate the cost of Waterson hinges:

Combination of Multiple Features

All-in-One Solution: Waterson hinges ingeniously combine a door closer, hinges, hold open, and door stop into a single, compact unit, providing a multifaceted solution that addresses various needs without requiring multiple hardware components.

Space and Design Optimization: Integrating multiple features into one hinge ensures that the door hardware remains minimal and does not clutter the door or frame, maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance.

Stainless Steel Material

Waterson hinges are made from stainless steel.

Durability and Longevity: The use of stainless steel, known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear, means that Waterson hinges are built to last, providing reliable functionality over an extended period.

Aesthetic Consistency: Stainless steel not only provides strength but also maintains its appearance over time, resisting corrosion and staining, so the hinges continue to complement the aesthetic of your space.

Low Maintenance and Long Life Span

Minimal Upkeep: Waterson hinges are designed to require minimal maintenance. They continue operating smoothly without requiring frequent adjustments or replacements.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run: The reduced need for maintenance and the extended lifespan of the hinges mean that the overall cost, when amortized over their life cycle, represents excellent value for money.

Minimal Repair Costs

Easy Replacement: In the rare instances where repair is needed, it often only involves replacing a single hinge, keeping repair costs and efforts minimal.

Consistent Performance: The robust construction and quality materials minimize the likelihood of frequent repairs, ensuring that the hinges consistently perform at their peak without interruption.

Final Thoughts

Waterson hinges have carved out a distinct niche in the hardware industry, embodying a seamless blend of aesthetic elegance and robust functionality. At Hinge Outlet, we are excited to introduce this stellar addition to our collection and provide our customers access to a product that transcends industry standards.

Contact Hinge Outlet today for further insight on our newest addition.