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How to Install Bullet Hinges

Bullet hinges, or weld-on hinges, are strong-hold hingesused to attach doors to frames. They are especially valuable in metalwork, where a clean look and firm hold are necessary.

In this post, we provide a simple installation guide forbullet hinges.

Steps to Install Bullet Hinges

Materials and Tools

  • Bullet hinges
  • Welding machine
  • Marker or chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal file (optional for cleaning weld areas)
  • Safety gear (welding mask, gloves)

Installation Steps

Step 1. Preparation

Bullet hinges consist of two parts:

  • The leaf side
  • The pin side

Typically, the leaf side attaches to the door, and the pin side to the frame.

  • Measure and mark the spots on the door and frame where the hinges will be installed.
  • Ensure alignment for a smooth operation.
  • Clean the areas to be welded for a stronger bond. A metal file can help remove any rust or paint.

Step 2. Tack Welding

Tack welding is the process of making small welds for short-term holding, allowing for adjustments before final welding.

  • Position the bullet hinge according to your marks.
  • Use the welding machine to tack weld the hinge in place.

Welding Safety Tips:

  • Check that your equipment is working correctly.
  • Ensure proper ventilation when welding.
  • Always wear safety gear to protect yourself from fumes, sparks, and heat.

Step 3. Checking Alignment

After tack welding, recheck the alignment of the door and frame. Adjust if necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Step 4. Final Welding

Once the alignment is correct, complete the welding process to permanently secure the hinges.

Step 5. Testing

After the welds cool, test the door's operation. It should open and close smoothly without dragging or sticking.

Final Thoughts

With this guide and high-qualitybullet hinges fromHinge Outlet, you are prepared to take on installation with ease!