How Does a Hinge Work?

How Does a Hinge Work?


When most people open and close a door, they may not be aware that door hardware is making this task possible. Door hinges are at the core of interior and exterior doors’ performance. If you’re curious about the ins and outs of door hinges, we have the information you need.

Simply put, a door hinge connects two solid objects. In this case, these two objects consist of the door frame and the actual door. This is where it gets interesting. A door hinge works by rotating, ultimately allowing the door to open and close. Door hinges are mechanical bearings that are typically made of steel, stainless steel, or brass.

Navigating Door Hinge Installation

A key component of choosing just the right door hinge you need is to evaluate the door hinge installation process. Begin by measuring your door and consulting with the experts at Hinge Outlet. Then, follow this quick-guide to door hinge installation.

  1. Mark the Spot: Find the exact location where you need to install door hinges and trace around the door hinge after lining up the door to the frame to eventually cut the mortise. Templates work great and we carry a big selection of Router Hinge Templates
  2. Begin Cutting: Also known as mortising out your hinge area.
  3. Set the Screws: Use a carpenter’s pencil, mark the place for the screws located where the door hinge will sit on the door and the door jamb. Next, put the door hinges in the place and secure them to the door and door jamb.  We always recommend extra long hinge screws if replacing existing hinges or installing heavy duty hinges.
  4. Complete the Door Installation: Line up the door hinge plates to the door jamb and door.

It’s no secret that door hinges are at the core of your entrance way door’s support. Finding the right door hinges and door hardware Is essential. At Hinge Outlet, we can help you outfit your home or business with door hardware, door hinges and cabinet hinges that are durable, easy-to-install and visually appealing. From ball bearing hinges to concealed hinges that are invisible to the naked eye from the exterior, know that Hinge Outlet has exactly what you need. Check out our door hinges and door hardware in a variety of finishes to choose the one that meets your needs and satisfies your wants.  For more information on everything hinge related, visit our blog.

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