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5 Benefits of Installing a Door Stopper

Door stoppers are overlooked items that play a necessary role in residential and commercial buildings. There are a wide variety of doorstops available in the present day, so let’s examine the various benefits of installing a doorstop.

1. Protecting Your Door and Wall

The primary and most vital function of a door stop is to protect your door and wall. After all, a door with smooth high-quality hinges is likely to swing open at a great speed. This usually causes the door side or door handle to collide with the adjacent wall with force. Such problems may seem minor at first. However, a door that strikes a wall repeatedly will become damaged over time.

In addition to this, the wall adjacent to the door may also develop marks where the door handle or door side is striking it. Such marks give the wall a poor appearance, and bring down the room’s overall appearance as well.

Affixing a door stop to your wall or door helps prevent such issues from occurring. For example, this stainless steel wall door stop can be affixed to your wall, stopping your door approximately 3 inches before it touches the wall. Such wall door stops also feature a rubber tip to protect the door and prevent it from being damaged over time.

Door stops usually feature a rubber tip to absorb the impact.


2. Propping Your Door Open

In addition to protecting your door and wall from damage, certain types of door stops can help prop your door open. For example, this wall hook door stop features a hook attached to the wall portion of the door stop, and a loop attached to the door portion of the doorstop. This allows you to keep your door in the open position when the loop is hooked.

Such door stops are great for doors with spring-loaded hinges, as they require additional assistance to stay open. If you prefer to adjust the position where your door stays propped open, a rubber door stop may be useful.

Similarly, a kick-down door stopper allows you to prop your door open using a stopper that is affixed to the door itself. This stopper is ideal for commercial buildings such as shops and restaurants where you may need to keep an exterior door propped open for customers.

Kick-down door stoppers are easy to engage thanks to their “kick-down” design. This allows you to set the position where your door remains open and prevent injuries or pinched fingers from the doors slamming shut.

 Door stops can have multiple purposes.


3. Adding to Decor

Most people view doorstops as functional items that perform the vital duty of protecting doors. This may be true, but doorstops can also add to the decor of an indoor space. For example, wall door stops with satin chrome or polished bright brass can complement your door and doorway’s appearance.

Many door stops come with various types of finishes. This gives you an opportunity to spruce up a room’s appearance in little ways while also protecting your door and walls.

A door stop should offer reliable functionality.


4. Making Your Door More Secure

Some special types of door stops such as security door stops can help make your doorway more secure. Such door stops are designed for special high traffic applications where the door may be used repeatedly or in an abusive manner.

For example, the door to a restaurant kitchen may be swung open with force hundreds of times per day. This resilient material molded around the door stop’s stud prevents the door from being damaged when it strikes a wall. Such door stops also tend to be flame resistant, and can be expected to hold up well in extreme conditions. All these characteristics make your doorway more secure, which boosts the door stop’s value for home and commercial building owners.

5. Keeping Unlocked Doors Closed

If your door does not feature a locking mechanism, it may swing open and closed freely. This is sometimes desired in high-traffic doorway applications. However, you may wish to keep such doors closed temporarily.

The good news is that door stoppers such as a kick-down door stopper can be used to keep the door in its closed position. You simply need to push the door into position and engage the kick-down mechanism to keep the door held in place. This method may not prevent unwanted individuals from forcing the door open, but it can stop the wind from swinging your door open or prevent small pets from pushing through the doorway.

Kick down door stops are used in many commercial buildings.


Where to Purchase High Quality Door Stoppers?

If you would like to purchase high quality reliable door stoppers, check out our selection available at The Hinge Outlet. We offer many different types including:

If you require assistance with choosing the right door stop for your needs, please get in touch with us. One of our experts will be glad to assist you with the door stop selection process.