Zinc Adjustable Double Action Spring Hinges - 3 inches to 6 inches

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$ 45.95 

Heavy Duty Steel - Zinc Finish - Highly Rust Resistant
Approved by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and patented in Taiwan, China and the USA.  The foolproof locking device for these double acting spring hinges meets U.S. Federal specification FF-HH-116C (the top button on the hinge is not removable, so that the spring cannot be removed or tampered with).  This makes these hinges particularly ideal for use on homes, commercial projects and public buildings.  Click here if you need assistance measuring a Double Action Hinge.

Instructions, mounting screws and adjusting bar included with each hinge.
Sold Individually - Not in Pairs - Great for Outdoor Use
 3" Light Duty Size: for use up to 35 lbs.
For door thickness 3/4" to 1 3/8"
4" Medium Duty Size: for use up to 55 lbs.
For door thickness 7/8" to 1 3/8"
5" Medium Duty Size: for use up to 60 lbs.
For door thickness 1 1/8" to 1 1/2"
6" Heavy Duty Size: for use up to 70 lbs.
For door thickness 1 1/4" to 1 3/4"
 Diagrams and Installation Instructions:
Double Action Hinges Installation InstructionsDouble Action Hinges Diagrams