All Steel Mini Slide-On Concealed Hinges - Free- or Self-Closing - Multiple Overlays Available - Nickel Finish - Sold Indiviudally



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Our All Steel Mini Slide-On Hinges do the job of big hinges. They are a proven workhorse on millions of doors in the USA, Italy, Germany and England, small enough for 5/8" doors in heavy use areas. The mini hinges are certified to surpass industry standards by independent test laboratories. 

Product Specifications:

  • All Steel Mini Slide-On Concealed Hinges
  • Small enough for 5/8" doors
  • Six-way adjustable
  • Closing Types Available: Free-Closing, Self-Closing
  • Overlays Available: Full, Half, Full Inset
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Cup Depth: 10 mm (26 mm diameter)
  • Applications: Screw on with wood screws or drive in with 10 mm bushings, Euro screws for 5 mm holes on 32 mm systems 
  • Boring distance from edge: 3 - 8 mm
  • Sold Individually

Key to using diagram: D = amount of door overlays side