Double Action Hinge Installation

We have all the Double Action Hinge Installation Instructions and Specs available on this page for easy reference.  Double Action Hinges contain springs that allow the door to swing in both directions.  They execute closing action from either direction and return the door to the center closed position. 

General Double Action Hinge Installation Instructions:

 1. Release the Tension on the Springs
Insert the tension rod into one of the adjustment holes on the tension lug and turn it so that the tension pin can be easily removed.

2. Mount the Door Leaf to the Door Flange
The door leaf may be mortised or surface applied and must be centered between the axial and centers of the double action hinge.

3. Align the Door Centerline with the Centerline of the Frame
Attach the jamb flange to the surface of the door casing. Shims under the jamb flanges may be necessary for proper door alignment.

4. Final Alignment
Hinges should be mounted at designated height locations and the axial center of each hinge must also be vertically aligned.

How to Adjust a Double Action Hinge:

Double Action Hinge Product Index Specs:

1" Inch Double Action Hinges:

  • SE-HTC8479P - Brass Café / Saloon Door Hinges (1-7/8" x 5/8")
  • SE-HTC8479P - Brass Café / Saloon Door Hinges (1-3/8" x 1")
  • SE-HTC8479P - Brass Café / Saloon Door Hinges (1-5/8" x 1")

2" Inch Double Action Hinges:

3" Inch Double Action Hinges:

4" Inch Double Action Hinges:

5" Inch Double Action Hinges:

 6" Inch Double Action Hinges:

7" Inch Double Action Hinges

8" Inch Double Action Hinges

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