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The Homeowner's Guide to Measuring a Door Jamb

When installing a new door, one of the most critical steps is accurately measuring the door jamb. 

A door jamb that's measured too small can expose your wall's rough opening or framing, while a jamb that's too large may require you to retrim or repurchase a new door hinge. 

Both scenarios throw a wrench in the door hinge installation process, so it is crucial to get it right the first time.

Thankfully, this guide to measuring a door jamb keeps things straightforward and manageable for homeowners.

What is a Door Jamb?

Adoor jamb is a vertical post on the side of the door that forms part of the door frame. 

It provides the structure and support your door needs to stay sturdy and function correctly.

Door jambs also serve as the attachment point for door hinges.

Role in Door Frame Structure

Thedoor frame is made up of two door jambs. Together, they create a stable structure that holds your door in place, ensuring it opens and closes correctly.

Role in Door Hinge Installation

Door hinges are necessary for a door's functionality. 

If door hinges are installed incorrectly due to inaccurate door jamb measurements, the door can be damaged, even if it's not used frequently.

People also risk being injured when door hinges are not correctly installed.

Steps for Measuring a Door Jamb

1. Gather Your Tools

  • Tape MeasureA reliable tape measure is essential for accurate measurements. Choose one that has clear markings and is long enough to span the height and width of the door jamb.
  • PencilUse a pencil to mark the measurements on the door jamb. Pencils are preferred over pens because they can easily be erased if adjustments need to be made.
  • LevelA level is necessary to ensure the door jamb is plumb and level during installation. This tool will help you avoid any slanted or uneven door installations.
  • NotepadKeep a notepad handy to record the measurements as you go.

2. Measure the Door Jamb Without Trim

Use your measuring tape to measure the door frame without the trim on the wall. 

Try to read the measuring tape at eye level for the best results. This will prevent parallax errors and help ensure a more accurate measurement of the jamb.

Tips for Accurate Measurements

When measuring, ensure the tape is straight and level, and take your time to get the most accurate reading. 

Remember, even a small measurement error can lead to significant problems when installing your door hinge.

3. Measure the Casing

The measurement from Drywall to Door Frame

After you've measured the jamb itself, the next step is to measure the casing. 

The casing refers to the measurement from where the drywall begins to your door frame.

Knowing the measurement of the casing will let you know the trim size you'll eventually need to put around your door.

Exterior and Interior Casing Differences

Make sure to measure the exterior and interior casing because the measurements may differ. 

In most cases, two to three inches of molding is needed because there is either no gap to fill or the difference is minute. 

On the sides, the molding may also consist of the door frame.

Importance of Casing Measurement for Trim Selection

The casing measurement is crucial for trim selection. 

The proper trim can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your door and ensure a seamless fit with the rest of your home's decor.

Door Hinges From Hinge Outlet, Inc.

Now that you have the precise measurements of your door jamb, you can order your parts! 

Find everything you need right here atHinge Outlet, Inc.

Commercial Door Hinges

Commercial door hinges are an incredibly sturdy hinge type as they were designed with businesses and heavily frequented areas in mind.

Security Hinges

Security hinges have added features, like security tabs or a non-remvable pin, to prevent tampering and forced entry, making them an excellent choice for exterior doors.

Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless steel hinges are one of the best door hinge options because they are durable and versatile. 

Because stainless steel hinges are corrosion-resistant, they can be reliably installed on interior and exterior doors.

Concealed Door Hinges

As the name suggests,concealed door hinges are hidden when the door is closed, providing a clean and streamlined look.

Other Hinge Options

In addition to the above, Hinge Outlet, Inc. offers many door hinge options to suit your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

With high-quality door hinges from Hinge Outlet, Inc. and this homeowner's guide to measuring a door jamb, you can install your door hinges confidently and trust that they will remain safe and reliable through years of use.


1. What is a standard door jamb size?

Standard door jamb sizes can vary depending on the region and door type. 

It is crucial to understand standard sizes to ensure compatibility when replacing doors. 

The most common width for residential interior door jambs is about 2'6'', while the height is typically 6'8". 

However, consulting with a local supplier or referring to industry standards is essential to determine the appropriate door jamb size for your project.