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How to Install Lid Support Hinges and Stays

If you are building a storage chest or a toy box, you will need a solution to prevent the lid from slamming all the time. Lid support hinges are a great solution to add extra safety to your storage chests and prevent them from slamming down.

There are various types of lid support hinges, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Once you have decided which type of lid support hinge you want to install, be it a soft close or a drop-down support hinge, you would want to know how to install lid support hinges on your storage chest. That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

The reason why it’s important to install lid support hinges is that they pose a serious risk. Imagine that your kid has a toy box, and the lid comes down, falling onto them. It is extremely dangerous and can seriously bruise their fingers. You would definitely not want a heavy lid to fall onto them, would you?

Fortunately, a proper lid support system can prevent this from happening.

Here’s how to install lid support hinges on storage boxes or chests.

How to Install Lid Support Hinges on Storage Chests and Boxes

Before we get into installing lid support hinges on storage chests and boxes, you will first need to determine what kind of support you need. A very weak lid support hinge would not be able to properly hold the lid. On the other hand, a strong lid support hinge would make it too hard to close the lid.

The type of lid support hinge also depends on the object where you want to install it. For instance, lift-up cabinets require lid support hinges that come with lift assist or vertical lift up features. For lighter lids such as jewelry boxes, you can use lid support hinges with locking feature. If you have a storage chest, box, or cabinet that has downward-opening flap doors, will need drop-down lid support hinges. Whereas our multi-angle lid support hinges come with balance adjustments that allow them to be used with various kinds of lids.

Our adjustable soft-down lid stay is ideal for storage chests and toy boxes. Once you have selected the right lid support hinge, the rest is just a matter of screwing the lid support in place. A soft-close hinge is very easy to install.

Step 1: Calculate All the Specifications

The very first step to installing lid support hinges is to figure out what specifications you need to support your storage chest or toy box.

If you are installing a lid support on a heavy product, you will have to calculate the right figure as torque, which is measured in inch-pounds by using the torque formula. Calculate the torque using the following method. If you have a lightweight product, you can skip the following steps of calculations and just check the lid support’s specifications to see if it will support your lid. 

Torque Formula: (Weight x Depth)/2

  1. First, measure the depth of your storage chest or toy box lid in inches from front to back.
  2. Now measure the weight of the lid. You should not guess-estimate the lid. You will need an accurate measure to ensure proper installation. So take the lid off of the box and weigh it.
  3. Calculate the torque (inch-pounds) required for the lid support using the torque formula. For instance, the lid that is 25 inches deep and weighs 14 pounds would need lid support that has an inch-pound rating of 175 pounds.
  4. Now check the specifications of the lid support you are buying to see if the said support meets your required number. You should also check with the manufacturer and listen to their recommendations on which lid support to buy.

Note: If you are installing lid support hinges on a lightweight product such as a toy box, you won’t really need to calculate the torque. That calculation only applies to heavy products.

Step 2: Place the Supports

Once you have selected the right lid support that meets your needs, you will now need to determine where you want your lid supports to be placed. If you have a short chest lid, you may only want to place one lid support in the middle, on the left, or on the right side of the lid. You can also install the lid supports that attach to the sides or those that are mounted on the inside back of the toy boxes.

When you are done, the specifications of your lid support should meet the amount you calculated in the first step.

  1. Open the lid support hinge and open the toy chest/storage box. Ask someone to keep the lid held open.
  2. Now place the lid support on the inside of the lid where you want to install it. Make sure that the lid support you choose is designed for where you want to install it on the chest (left side or right side).
  3. Now screw the top section of the lid support in place. But don’t keep the screws tight right now. Leave them just tight enough that they can hold the lid support in place.
  4. Now position the bottom section of the lid support in place against the inside back of the box. Use a combination square on the lid of the storage chest and align the lid support hinge properly by using it. Make sure that the lid support hinge is exactly perpendicular to the back of the box.
  5. Screw the bottom of the lid support in place and make sure the screws are not too tight again.

Step 3: Tighten the Supports

Before you tighten the screws of the lid support hinge, make sure that you have them exactly in the right place. You can make sure that they are in position by using a combination square to see if the support hinges are aligned. Because if they are not positioned correctly, the lid of the box will not close.

  1. Now adjust the hinge correctly so that it is perfectly upright with the combination square. If you followed all the steps carefully, you would not need to adjust it too much.
  2. Tighten both the top and bottom screws tightly in place. But avoid over-tightening them as it would damage the wood of the lid.

That’s how easy it is to install lid support hinges. Follow the same steps for both the right and left-side hinges.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to install lid support hinges, check out our collection of lid support hinges. We stock high-quality hinges made from various materials, including stainless steel hinges that are made to last years. Whether you want a lid support hinge for a toy box or a storage chest, you can find all types of lid support hinges at The Hinge Outlet.