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Here’s How to Open a Stuck Cabinet Door Easily

There are several solutions that can be exercised if you are facing this issue. From simple remedies like adding a lubricant for instance, WD-40 to the hinges to more extensive solutions like replacing the hinges altogether, you will have to see the extent of the problem and how it can be solved. This is difficult to ascertain at times and if you are having a hard time figuring out a solution, it is always best to contact a professional.

Here are some of the most effective solutions in this regard:

1.      Try Moving the Door

At times, dust or rust can cause the hinges to jam. Simply jiggling the door can free the hinge causing the door to move freely again. Don’t be too harsh with it as that can break the door or other parts, complicating the problem significantly. Be delicate and only apply a certain amount of pressure that you know will be enough. If the door still doesn’t budge, try considering other solutions like applying WD-40 to the cabinet hinges or putting oil where the door is jamming.

If these simple solutions don’t work, you’ll have to consider more extensive solutions. These can include replacement of hingesor the door completely. Hinge Outlet provides a diverse selection of hinges and other accessories for cabinet doors that you can easily order online and install. This Self-Closing Face Mount Variable Overlay Cabinet Hinge available in four different finishes can serve as an amazing upgrade when considering replacement.

Cabinet Hinges

2.      Replace the Hinges

For the first step after trying simple and easy solutions, homeowners can look towards replacing the cabinet door hinges that are causing trouble. The procedure for removal is quite straightforward. Start by loosening the pins in the hinges. Pull them out and the two arms of the hinge will separate from one another. The door will come off and you will have space to inspect whether the problem lies with the hinge’s mechanism or not.

In case the hinges are worn out or require replacement, buy upgraded ones or even conventional hinges that suit your needs. In order to completely remove the hinge, you will have to unscrew it both from the cabinet frame and the door. Sometimes, the screws can be jammed and you’ll require extensive effort and the support of WD-40 to create a seamless process for dismounting.

3.      A Locked Cabinet Can Be Opened with a Bobby Pin or by Removing the Cabinet Knobs

A stuck cabinet door doesn’t always mean that the hinges are rusted. At times, this issue can arise due to problem with the locks as well. No matter how hard you try to pull the door, it will refuse to swing open. Avoid yanking the door too much as you risk injury or extensive damage to the cabinet door. Ascertain first whether it is the lock that is causing the issue. Once you are sure, there are a few ways to unlock the cabinet.

The first might seem like a scene from a Hollywood movie but it works. You’ll need two bobby pins, one bent in an L-shape while the second twisted to form a small and rough W. Insert both pins into the lock simultaneously and it should unlock. You can watch further videos on the internet to learn how exactly to unlock the door. In case there are cabinet knobs on the door, you can simply unscrew them to remove the lock altogether.

4.      Use a Dehumidifier for Temperature Changes

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather especially winters, you might face an issue with your cabinet doors due to temperature. The latches, locks or hinges can freeze due to moisture solidifying in them. Eventually, the door becomes stuck or hard to move. An effective solution here is to employ a dehumidifier to thaw some of the frozen bits ensuring that the door can once again move freely.

A dehumidifier can also work if the door is stuck due to expansion of its metal parts. In excessive hot weather, these problems can occur. With the use of cold water or a dehumidifying machine, this issue can be resolved easily. You might not need to get into complex solutions like removing the doors or replacing hinges. A simple blast with the temperature adjusting device can help resolve the problem quite effectively.

5.      Contact a Professional Locksmith or Carpenter

When all else fails, there will be no choice but to get in touch with a professional. With their years of experience and tool kits, these people have the knowledge to rectify all kinds of problems. They can also offer advice on what the issue is and how you can resolve it effectively. If they have the relevant tools and materials available, they might fix the stuck cabinet doors there and then. It always pays to have a professional on standby for these type of issues.

Professional locksmith or carpenters are locally available but their charges can vary. It is important to note that you need to have a trusted person on your speed dial. It can even be a friend who has knowledge of these issues. Reliability is the key factor when picking out a professional for the job because otherwise, you can end up with a higher bill than originally intended. It also increases the hassles that you might have to face.

Wrapping Up

Fixing cabinet doors that are stuck can be a simple enough task, easily resolved with a lubricating solution. However, it can also turn out to be extensive, either warranting the replacement of hinges or the door itself. Either way, it has to be done. The sooner you get it rectified, the better. Make sure that you choose the right avenues though.

Head over to Hinge Outlet and browse the website's inventory for hinges and miscellaneous items for all your hinge and accessory needs.